Hong Kong is we all know, is a vibrant cosmopolitan world city. It is quite different from the other cities of South Asia in terms of food, nightlife and also style & fashion. Ofcourse, its weather is famous for being unpredictable, in all seasons. For a traveler, what to pack when visiting Hong Kong is an important aspect of the travel planning. Based on my experience as a solo woman traveler visiting Hong Kong, I have tried to write here tips & style guide for ‘What to wear in Hong Kong ~ Packing List for year round travel to Asia’s World City’ 

Dress: My Friend’s
Bag: Michael Kors
Kolhapuri flats: My Freind’s
Necklace: My Friend’s
To begin with, I would like to confess that I had a clear advantage while packing for Hong Kong travel, as my friend is a resident there and I could borrow her clothes if I wanted to and I did!!

Now, to get down to the basics of style & packing guide for Hong Kong:-

1. Hong Kong is a city to be explored on foot and is easily connected by public transport. Whether one is visiting on a package tour or self planned trip, prepared to walk a lot. Which means please pack some comfortable fair of walking shoes – such as flats, crocs, loafers, etc. I packed all three (as the luggage limit provided on the flight was pretty neat!!)

2. Hong Kong is humid all year through (even a bit in winters) so wearing comfortable fabrics makes sense. Cottons & Linens were my preferred fabrics while packing.

3. Hong Kong is cosmopolitan and has a large european community so one can be really open about dressing up here as a women and not be afraid to be harassed (good to know right!!) – I wore skirts, shorts, short dresses etc and had the time of my life (in addition these were airy, helped a lot on the humid day time when I walked around the city!!)

Shirt: Quirkbox
Shades: Ray Ban
Loafers: Clarks
Sling Bag: My friend’s
Jeggings: Mom n Me
4. Please pack in stoles/jacket or atleast one piece of warm clothing as the weather can suddenly can a chilly turn. In fact, one of the top 10 attractions – Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery is at a height and it can get quite chilly in the mornings and evenings there. We were shivering in the cold winds while waiting for our cable car ride back from Po Lin.

Top: Ekmatra
Palazzos: Tailor Made from Byloom Fabric Yardage
5. Pack your shades/sunnies as it the sun gets quite harsh in the day time and it hurts the eye while one is out sight seeing.

Dress on me: Vero Moda
6. Do not forget to pack in one party dress/outfit as hong Kong is famous for its nightlife and a visit to Lang Kwai Fong should not be missed!

Dress on Me: Howrah Bridge
Most importantly, have fun in Hong Kong as this city has some serious swag!!

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  1. Exellent vibrant outfits that you put together Sushmita! Oh the loafers are mine kind of color. Light teal? Will certainly keep in mind of our tips if I ever make it to HK. Have a wonderful day! Cheers, Pingxo


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