It had been a long time since I took a vacation and work at office was getting boring..and the daily routine of everyday was getting a tad monotonous…..I already had plans for vacations in later part of the year so there was nothing to look forward to in near future…
however, as things usually happen at such times, suddenly there was plans to visit jaipur…it so happened that my in laws decided to give us a visit and came to us armed with plans of a jaipur trip!! first I wasn’t so hung up on the idea coz I was a bit tired due to office work and i thought ill get more stressed out by travelling on the weekennd rather than resting…but then I thought why not go..I’ll get real good opportunities to click some nice photographs with my cannon dslr!!
Jaipur is the capital of rajasthan state and also the former capital of the princely state of jaipur. It is also popularly known as pink city and is the showcase of the royal rajput culture of Rajasthan.


We hurriedly made bookings (thanks to my hubby’s government job, we got quick and good accommodation in government rest house) and started off for jaipur Saturday morning!!
The drive was pleasant, this being the monsoon season and we reached the city by 12 noon.
After checking into the rest house & quick refreshment..we went to visit the city palace and its surrounding old city. The city palace is home to the maharaja(king) of jaipur and is his private property, the present king is 11th king of the dynasty founded by maharaja sawai jai singh II.

The city palace compound has a jantar mantar- an observatory built by sawai jai singh for study of astronomy. It is one of the 12 he built all over india and is also the biggest. We gained a lot of knowledge about all the different instruments and what they could measure. After jantar mantar, me and mum-in law wanted to do some shopping in the surrounding old market, but my dad in law was adamant to see the hawa mahal or the wind palace…luckily it was located bang in the middle of the market so we could combine the two together!! thing in family trips (especially a family consisting of all adults) is that, everyone wants to do their own thing while on a trip!!…and it takes a lot of adjustment to fit in everyone’s wishlist!!!

After a quick nap in the late noon, we were ready for some fun time at chokhi dhani…it’s a rural theme resort located in the outskirts of the city and quite popular for its ethnic food and cultural programs…the resort is set in a way that one gets the feeling of being in a typical rajasthani village….
We had a wonderful evening with lots of folk dances and stuffed ourselves with the delicious food…and oh boy was it loaded!!!..i couldn’t even get up after the meal!!!

Next morning..we got up early and headed for jaigarh fort, also known as amber fort. On the way to the fort lie jal mahal, which is a former summer palace of the maharajas located in middle of a lake and govindji temple..both I found okay but not much great for photography!!

But jaigarh fort was awesome…it took 700 years to build and the sheer scale of it is amazing….i can only imagine the vision of the kings to build this thing amidst such a challenging landscape and topography!! Set at the top of the fort, lies jaivan –the world’s largest cannon…it was fired only once and the cannon ball landed 35 kms away!!!
The unique thing about the fort apart from the cannon is that it was never attacked by any enemy..neither the mughals or the british.


at the fort, i got some good oppurtunities to click some real nice pics….!!

Soon it was time to leave and strangely I felt very refreshed!!!… I guess it was a good decision to go for the trip…sometimes a family vacation is all it needs to get refreshed!!

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  1. I love Rajasthan. Love all the architecture, the culture, the colours, the shopping all of it. But we got fleeced on our day-long tour or Pink city 🙁

    Nice pics, Sush.

  2. hey Sushmita….thanks for visiting my blog….gave me a change to discover some really nice pictures here. I love the 4th photo of the first set. don't know what it is but i like the composition and how you've given depth to the structure…..I also like the framing of the 2nd picture of the 2nd set. nice angle…


    See you around. will keep dropping in.

  3. Hi Star! WOW! I know this one!! Wonderful pictures; they made me come back to lovely memories and raised the wish to seethe rest of Rajasthan; at least Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer…

    Sorry for the long absence, but after one year work, I got my official week off and, as always, the week before was terrible and the return awful… ;). Furthermore, there was 09.09.09, which for me was a bit depressing, as I entered a Club 60 I would prefer to postpone the joining… ;))

    Blogtrotter is now in Turkey. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Jaipur is a beautiful city.
    All my memories are revived after seeing your beautiful shots. India really has a beautiful past. The present has to be set right to make the future beautiful. Don't you agree?
    Have a great day!

  5. Oh.. lovely post!! We went to Jaipur only last month.. and your post brought back lovely memories… I absolutely enjoyed Jaipur.. and will surely go back again to do the rest of Rajasthan… only next time without my kids…

  6. Hi,Sush.Yes,shifting back to Baroda.:)But,that's no excuse for not visiting ur blog.:)

    Lovely pics-and,Jaipur is one of my fav places in Rajasthan,besides Ajmer..the pics of Jantar Mantar,Hawa Mahal,et al-make me long to visit there again..been ages.:)I agree-sometimes a family vacation is all one needs to unwind.TC


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