The husband & me and are quite avid fans of ready-to-cook pre frozen food, as it saves time & effort, while giving us the satisfaction that it’s hygienic. So, if we entertain guests over cocktails, have a small get-together or even on a weekend, we love to buy & fry from the ready-to-cook range (like French fries, cheese jalapeno balls, kebabs, chicken balls, etc.)

So, it was fun for the husband to review the Chevon World Cuisine range – Turkish Kofte Kabab & smoked Moroccan sausage some time ago. He totally loved both the flavors and gave it a thumbs up.

The press release on chevon says – Chevon has adorned international recipes tuned to Indian taste buds with the launch of their World Cuisine Range. The products launched are the best to relish Turkish Seekh Kabab, Turkish Kofte Kabab, famous Brooklyn Style Cheeseburger Patty and smoked Moroccan Sausage. Chevon ready to cook range has specially imported ingredients for their new range of products to perfectly tantalize ones taste buds. Chevon began its rearing and breeding operations in the year 2011. All products made from Goat meat are farm reared animals. It possess some of the very best processing facilities where safety and hygiene are of highest priority. The brand ensures it follows the safety standards, through tracking and technology.

He loved the Moroccan sausage for its smoky flavor and it was succulent on the palate. The Turkish kofte kebab was a great side snack to the drinks and he said he would definitely buy it again, if he entertains guests over cocktails.

So, if you are a regular ready-to-cook food consumer, please go ahead and try the Chevon world Cuisine Range.

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  1. That's why you should never listen to naysayers. They tell you such and such place is boring, there's no use going there…But, it seems you had a lovely time in Washington DC.

  2. I'm so glad you got to go to DC even if it's for work. It's one of my favorite place and I love the old buildings and the It reminds me of our time there. And a bit of culture shock riding the taxis where they not just honk but yell out too! Cant wait to read more!


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