In the light of golden evening sun at Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh India, while I sat crouched on the ground watching wild boars walking around about 500 meters from me behind a bush, I wondered why is it that I had goose bumps all over; I mean I saw the same wild boars in the morning too on a Jeep safari. Then it hit me….I was on the ground walking without the safety of a jeep. And that was the thrill of a walking Safari I guess…One gets to experience wildlife in its raw form, without the cushion of any jeep or elephant ride. I was at same level with the wild animals and I realized I was a pretty vulnerable species!

Walking behind our guide in Satpura tiger reserve
Walking behind our guide in Satpura tiger reserve

The walking safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve was part of the long weekend getaway with Forsyth Lodge and I had many unique experiences on this trip (including Canoe Safari in Satpura ). The walking safari was highest on the thrill quotient too as our senses were on maximum alert. We spotted many animals such as deers, wild boars and many kinds of birds; however we were not lucky enough to spot tigers or leopards.

Our group on walking safari
Our group on walking safari
spiral spider web
spiral spider web

The most interesting part of the walk was learning about the signs and marks that animals left behind and the guides had learnt to recognize in order to spot animals or make out if some animals were in the area couple of days ago. For example, the guide showed us tiger pug marks telling us that by the depth of the marks, he could tell they must be a day old.

tiger Pug mark

The walking safari at Satpura Tiger Reserve was an enriching experience in wildlife appreciation for me and one of the best travel memories from the state of Madhya Pradesh, which is renowned for its wildlife sanctuaries.

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