This is the final series on my trip to Washington D.C. , USA in March 2015. you can check out my other posts in the series here and here.
Walking around Washington D.C. is a beautiful experience. The city has planned meticulously for the citizens to walk and there are wide pavements, which are both physically challenged friendly and bicycle friendly. It was such a treat to see people walking, jogging and cycling down the pavements, sometimes with the toddler in prams or even elderly in their motorized wheelchairs. I wish we could our streets and roads walkable like , back home in my city Delhi. Sharing with the readers, some images of the beautiful Washington D.C. I captured during my walks downtown.

I had a nice time at Washington DC overall, and some of my misconceptions about USA, especially the cities and  as a country were clarified. Hope I get to visit the National Parks in USA (which have been on my wishlist) on my next visit, whenever it happens!!
~ Amen ~

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