Wagah Border, in Punjab, India, is the only border road  crossing between the countries of India and Pakistan. Lying on the historic Grand Trunk Road, near the holy city of sikhism, Amritsar, it is a fully operative border through which people and cargo move between the two countries.
Every evening, before sunset, the armed forces of the respective countries take part in a joint and elaborate ‘lowering of the flag ceremony
For me as an Indian, coming here and witnessing the ceremony was an amazing patriotic experience and a deeper understanding into the hard work that our Indian armed forces put in to keep our country safe everyday!!
This is the main Wagah border gate between India and Pakistan.
The ‘lowering the flag’ ceremony is open to all civilians and visitors, though one has to abide by the rules & regulations of the armed forces, at the border and also during the whole ceremony.
This is first gate, called ‘Swarn Dwar’ while approaching Wagah border.
The crowds are seen to be believed, and this kinda crowd is there every day, 365 days a year!!!
Our Indian Army ropes in the visitors too, for a show of patriotism.
 There is dancing to patriotic songs, even the most reticent and the elderly join in the fun!!
And then the Indian Army takes over, but it’s always Ladies’ first here too!!!
And then the boys join in…..
lot of marching and foot stomping..we are the best, that’s why!!!
Can you go as high as me…our Indian soldier seems to be indicating to the Pakistani compatriot!!
Both sides gathered at the gate ready for the main ceremony.
While a dapper soldier keeps the crowds in control..believe me, the patriotic fervor really gets out of hand sometimes!!
Flags of both India and Pakistan being lowered.
and end of showtime!!!
If one is visiting Amritsar, a trip to Wagah border is a must. It takes only an hour from Amritsar by car/bus or auto rickshaw. 
So, go indulge in some patriotic fervor at Wagah Border!!!
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  1. Sushmita, the photographs are wonderful. I have seen Wagha a cpl of times and have really enjoyed the energy there. Do try and visit Husainiwala as well. This is 12 km from Firozpur, Punjab. There are no crowds there and you can get better pics there.

  2. Had just heard about this ceremony. But had not anticipated the crowd and the elaboration in this ceremony which you say is held everyday. Will make it a point to visit if I get a chance!

  3. The daily drill by our BSF Jawans is really worth seeing. Although I have not been there personally, I could infer from what is contained in your post by way of nice pictures and commentary. I have seen few videos.


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