Vivekananda Rock Memorial is a monument located on twin rocks, 500 metres off mainland Kanyakumari, in Tamil Nadu, India. It is a popular tourist attraction and I visited it along with my family during my trip to Kanyakumari

The Vivekananda Rock Memorial is built in honor of  Indian spiritual leader Swami Vivekananda, who is believed to have swam from the mainland to this rock and meditated here, during his visit to Kanyakumari. It was built in 1970 and since then has attracted crowds in huge numbers. The memorial is open every day (except national holidays) from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.  It takes a ferry ride from the mainland to the rock memorial, which runs regularly till the memorial is open. However, personally, I found the crowds to be too overwhelming as it took us around 2 hours in the queue to the ferry ride; at one point I was so irritated that I was about to turn around and head back to our hotel. However, my family really wanted to see the memorial, so I chose to gulp down my irritation and wait.
Long queue to the Ferry Ride to Vivekananda Rock Memorial!
Arriving by the ferry on the rock memorial, one can either go inside the main square hall, where there is a solitary statue of Swami Vivekananda or enjoy the views outside. 

Seeing that photography was not allowed inside, I chose to roam in the outdoor area and enjoy views of the ocean.

We stayed on rock memorial for hardly 30 minutes and I personally, thought that the memorial was outstanding, however, not worth a visit after a 2 hour wait. 
I loved the views of the ocean from the rock memorial and had it not for the crowds, it would have been a lovely experience sitting on the rock for some more time. If I visit Kanyakumari again, I would give a miss on visiting this memorial for sure (simply due to the huge crowds).

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  1. This is not a mere memorial building but a place where if you tune up your mind, may feel a negligible part of the spiritual vibration. I felt it after 3rd visit continually tuning and installing the proper rectifiers and capacitors of the mind. Wish youy all the best.

  2. Good photos!

    The wife and I visited Kanyakumari and Vivekananda Rock Memorial in 2009. We were lucky that we did not have to wait long in the queue.May be it was 15 minutes.Sitting silently in the Dhyana Kendra in the Memorial complex was very soothing.

    We were at Kanyakumari for 5 days.We used to go daily to watch the heavenly sight of the sun rising from the ocean.We took photographs which appear as if I am holding the brilliant-coloured rising sun in between my palms!


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