When was the last time you went visiting the zoo???

well, i for one have only one hazy memory of it in the childhood……but have been there quite a few times during my college years
the delhi zoo, or the national zoological park of delhi is located close to my college and our quirky group of friends(including me!!!) found this place a perfect relaxing hangout!!…
we used to visit here often in the winters and know some really amazing spots here, which the usual public doesnt venture out to!!!
After a long time, me and the husband went there..it was a lovely winter day and i think the animals also enjoyed our company as much as we did watching them!!….

here are some pics of the visit

the delhi zoo is the place to visit in the winters, it is spacious, well maintainted with lots of greenery and well spaced animal enclosures and on a bright sunny day, u can lie down in the grass and get ur self a good sun tan too!!
it is one of my preferred, if not favourite hangouts in winters …and i recommend this to all visitors to delhi and all residents also…

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  2. Hi Star! Lovely pictures! Unfortunately i had no time to visit when I went to Purana Qila; but it's lovely to see it through your lens!!

    There is a weird bridge waiting for you at Blogtrotter. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  3. nicely captured pics… i wish the day was a bit more sunny coz the pics are a bit underexposed… its not that u can do much about it…. get urself a tripod in coming days… its a wise investment…

    havent been to Delhi zoo as of now… but looking at the pics.. i hope to visit there some day…

    nice post overall

  4. Very beautiful photographs of the animals. I have visited Australia Zoo few months before at Brisbane. I have been to Delhi zoo about 7 years before. Nice to see the animals again because of your lovely photographs. Wonderful post.

  5. Ohh…I remember Delhi zoo-visited it in the '80s..Tks for those grt pics, Sush..and,you've encouraged me to finally visit the Baroda Zoo…I go the Park everyday, but, only 'plan' to see the zoo:):)


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