The National Philatelic Museum in New Delhi, India is a nice treat for philately and snail mail lovers. It is located in the building complex of India Post main office in Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg (Parliament Street), New Dehi. I visited the National Philatelic Museum on a cold winter day and it was interesting time spent learning about the history of air mail, stamps and realising how much progress we have made since the days of post via pigeons and human delivery.

If you are a snail mail lover and someone who is into postcards, letters and stamps, then visiting the National Philatelic Museum shall make for some interesting moments. The Museum is located at the back side of the headquarters of India Post at Dak Bhawan in Parliament Street, Delhi (Pin – 110001). The history of airmail in India as well as a glimpse of how post service used to be before the air mail revolution is exhibited here. However, majority of the exhibit is dedicated to wide array of postal stamps and they make for a fascinating view – from commemorative stamps on /science, Nature, Country Joint cooperation, public figures, military, states, culture; almost every aspect of life and civilization has a stamp commemorated to it!

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One of the interesting features at the Philatelic Museum is the option of getting MyStamp – One can get personalized stamp with own image against a standard background printed for a fee. These stamps are issue stamps – meaning they can be used as postage! (Talk about narcissism in post!) The souvenir counter at the museum also has postcards, diaries, calendars, coffee table books etc related to India Post for buy. However, what is more interesting are the special philately postage stamps one can buy at the philately counter, which is located in the main building. I got couple of interesting stamps on my last visit and am planning to visit again.

Entrance to National Philatelic Museum

Location : National Philatelic Museum (at the back side in complex of Dak Bhawan)

                   Dak Bhawan, Parliament Street, New Delhi – 110001

 Opening Hours : 10 am to 5 pm except Sundays


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