Victoria Peak,popularly known as ‘The Peak is touted as ‘Top 10 attractions’ in Hong Kong. Not only that, the Hong Kong Tourism says that if there is only one thing that any visitor wants to do when in Hong Kong, it should definitely be a visit to ‘The Peak’. As a solo woman traveller to ‘Asia’s World City’ a visit to Victoria Peak was definitely one of the ‘top 10 highlights’ of my Hong Kong trip.

I opted to visit ‘The Peak’ on a weekday and take the iconic ‘Peak Tram’ ride upto Victoria Peak.  Taking the ride on the Peak Tram was an experience in itself (read here) and getting down at the Tram Stations, I was pleasantly surprised by the difference in the weather (just in a span of 7 minutes it took to reach Victoria Peak).

Victoria Peak – The Peak is located 552 metres above sea level and is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island. It’s days of glory began as a natural signaling post for incoming cargo ships in the nineteenth century; starting 1868, it became the Hong Kong Governor’s summer home to take advantage of the cooler but humid climes. Soon, it became a hub for wealthy European residents. From 1904, the Peak was designated an exclusive residential area reserved only for expatriates although this practice ended in 1947. 

The best thing about Victoria Peak is the views, the harbour and most of Hong Kong Island can be seen from here. The peak is divided into public and non-public areas. My friend s told me that some of the wealthiest residents of Hong Kong still have homes here (not accessible for public).  As a visitor, the best way to take in views at The Peak is from the Sky Terrace 428 viewing platform. I had bought combo ticket for Peak Tram+Sky Terrace 428, which cost me only HKD 80.  The beauty of the harbour views from Sky Terrace 428 is that the views keep changing rapidly with the passing of the clouds.  There were many visitors at the Sky Terrace but it so nicely designed that one can find a corner for oneself. I sat down for some time, saw the various parts of the harbour and surrounding islands, observed the tourists around me and watched the Peak Tram go up and down the rail track; it was a lovely time by myself.

There are two malls,an old post office, public pathways and a garden which is accessible to public in Victoria Peak. I did not walk down much into the pathways, as I was tired by the humidity I faced on the Sky Terrace. Instead, I went to one of the malls and had a nice lunch.

A big thumbs up to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong as a traveller!!

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