Whenever we are at our second home Haridwar, we try to visit nearby places in the hills of Uttarakhand. The hilly state of Uttarakhand,India, located in the Himalayas, has some lovely places and they make for an easy road trip. This time we went on a road trip to Chamba, Tehri and Kanatal, three lovely hill towns in the Tehri Garwal district of Uttarakhand. 
We started our journey from Haridwar and it was a lovely drive up the hill roads. We found a profusion of jarcanda trees in bloom along the roads, which made for a pretty sight!!

We chose to make Chamba our base for stay, we had pre-booked Garhwal Vikas Nigam Mandal (GVNM) Guest House, which was a gud idea because summers are high season and it is not easy to get accommodation.
Chamba is a small town and there is not much one can do here, however, since it is midway  between Tehri and Kanatal, it makes for a good place to halt.
The best place to stay here is ofcourse the GVNM guest house, situated on the top of a hill, offering vantage views and one of a kind windy experience!!!  

There was a profusion of flowering plants at the guest house and I had a lovely time clicking my favorite subjects – flowers!!

There is a quaint temple at the guest house, makes for a pretty picture πŸ™‚

The next morning, we got up early to enjoy the sunrise, the chill in the air and the lovely breeze, to be able to do that in the middle of summers is quite a thing(especially when the plains of North India were literally scorching under the sun!!!)
We first took off towards Tehri Dam, the drive was lovely and fun.

The Tehri Dam is one of the largest rock filled Dams and the town of Tehri got submerged due to its construction. No worries though, they did relocate people into a new town first – The New Tehri. The roads at Tehri are awesome to drive.

We then decided to drive off to Kanatal. The road leading to Kanatal and Kanatal itself is more serene and green. As compared to Tehri, where the traffic was quite substantial, we found empty road and almost nil traffic on our drive to Kanatal. 
We thoroughly enjoyed this part of our drive!!!
Kanatal has verdant pine forests and  we had a most refreshing experience walking through the forests. The breeze was just too amazing!!

On our way back, we stopped At Surkanda Devi, a sacred temple of Sati Mata.  We could not make it to the temple itself as it was way too high a climb and we were in a hurry to drive back. but I made up my mind to come here again some time soon!!
 From Kanatal, one can also drive to Dhanaulti, another lovely place which is surrounded by deodhar forests and great for a weekend break. however, since, we already had been there during Diwali Holidays last year(read here), we did not go this time.We came back to Chamba and rested for the night.
The next day, we returned to Haridwar, via Rishikesh and boy was it crowded!!
We were so glad that we did not make a rest over for the night here as originally planned. I love Rishikesh , but definitely not visiting here in the peak season. 
We had our lunch at rishikesh and topped off our journey back (second) home with a nice cold coffee @HoneyHut rishikesh(do try this place if ur in Rishikesh, gonna definitely love it!!)

I simply loved this road trip and it brought a common consensus among the family members to go for such more trips in the hills. 
so, yay!! for Chamba-Tehri-Kanatal πŸ™‚

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  1. You transported me to the Himalayas! If I enjoyed it so much just by reading it, I can only imagine how awesome it must have been in real for you! Excellent pictures and commentary! πŸ™‚


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