Dhanaulti is a small village located in the hilly state of Uttarakhand( in India), around 20 kms from the more famous(and crowded!!) Mussoorie; it makes for a great weekend getaway with towering deodhar trees and fresh winds to make one forget all the city troubles!!!
This post diwali, we decided to leave all the madness of F1 being held in our city(delhi) and head to the hills. We chose Dhanaulti for its quietness and natural beauty.

We drove from Delhi to Dhanaulti by ourselves , with one day break at Haridwar(where we have a second home) and it was such a lovely drive!! but with a lot of sharp curves, like this hair pin bend in the below image!!
The views at Dhanaulti are lovely and air is fresh , with a characteristic sweet smell of the deodhar trees which are everywhere towering above the place.


 We enjoyed walking the nature trail among the mildly steep hills and enjoying the views, sun and slightly chilly breeze. In the evening, it was fun cosying up near the bonfire and enjoying the starry night and icy cool weather!!

We chose to eat out roadside Dhabas( or shacks) and found this one amazing place( totally by coincidence) called ‘ Rana Tea Stall’ which makes amazing tea, coffee, maggi and crisp paranthas (fried breads). We had most of our meals ( including dinner and breakfast ) there!!

The drive down was filled with equally lovely views!!

And we also managed to catch a glimpse of the snow capped himalayas at one point in our drive!!
I would recommend Dhanaulti over the more popular Mussoorie anytime, after all it’s not everyday, one rewinds among deodhars!!

P.S. I also wrote a detailed account of my stay at Dhanaulti for The Other Home Blog, click here to read.

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  1. Just wow!! I have heard about Dhanaulti but never visited it. It looks beautiful… The pics remind me of my char dham yatra, I am getting nostalgic… Thanks so much for sharing these lovely pics…
    Have a fabulous week ahead:)


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