In the course of my travels, I have had the good fortune to see different kinds of falls all over India. Each experience has left me in awe of Mother Nature’s power and her beauty, coz falls are a true representation these dual qualities – powerful and yet so beautiful! Many years ago while traveling in plateau region of Jharkand in its capital city Ranchi, I had the most awesome experience of two majestic falls in one day, each of them such a true depiction of both power and beauty. We were 3 colleagues on a work trip and that day being Sunday was off for us. With nothing better to do, we drove off to the outskirts of Ranchi with one of our colleagues friends who was native. He told us beforehand – “you may have seen many falls but today you are going to see falls as you may never have seen before nor will see in future.” Well, we were excited!! One hour drive, we came across a landmark with a title – Dasam Falls. But we could see no falls, just a dense growth of trees all around and a narrow stairway. We had to walk down it to see the falls. At this point, we were also warned not to go close to the falls as it was monsoon season and Dasam falls was known to wash away many people during this season.I was not really convinced, however started walking down the stairway. Five munites into the walk  – the first sighting of the Dasam falls and what a majestic fall.

The sheer force of the water flow, the sound of the gushing water from the precipice and hitting a gigantic rock on its way, the mist formed all around. Just looking at it – I felt Alive is Awesome!!! We were now excited as a bunch of school kids and literally ran down to the falls, which involved a lot of slithering over rocks on the way!!

As soon as we reached the main area, we were drenched in the watery mist of the falls, which sent a chill down my spine. It was exhilarating
and unnerving at the same time. 

We enjoyed our time at the Dasam Falls and then our guide told us that it was time to experience another falls. Another falls??  On the same day?? Yeah! He said. We were now going to Johna Falls, which our guide said was as different from Dasam as chalk  from cheese. So we took off from Dasam Falls and after a long winding drive through dense forest, we came to a quiet place surrounded by forests and another stairway. This time, I was very curious and walked down fast. The views of the walk were so mesmerizing, the greenery all round and the pin drop silence!!

The Johna Falls came into view and this time it was a feeling of calm which engulfed me. Flowing calmly, the falls no doubt had a power that was unexplainable, the mist surrounding it was even more intense and we were drenched again. We sat down by the falls, let ourselves get wet and loose ourselves in the beauty of the moment.

Two Falls in a Day at Ranchi had truly been a wonderful experience!! 

Disclaimer: This is the 3rd in a series of posts for the Alive is Awesome bathing experience campaign

 and the views expressed here are my own .

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  2. Hi Sushmita, thanks yaar for dropping in 🙂
    glad that you enjoyed durgapuja too!!!
    You know, Ranchi is so close to my hometown, may be some 250 km, till then I could never manage to make a trip to those falls 🙁
    after your this post, I'm again thinking of making a bike trip now when i go home for leave… thanks :-))
    keep blogging!


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