Hubli (also called Huballi) and Dharwar are twin cities in north Karnataka (India) famous for their industrial & commercial worth. I travelled on the state highways of this twin city belt, but mostly into the semi-urban & rural areas. Just as I thought, I had seen a lot of new things on the Belgaum-Nippani-Mudhol road travel leg, the landscape opened up its pandora’s box and I was amazed by the change of background, both in terms of people, culture and natural beauty. It was another exciting experience, travelling on Hubli-Dharwar state highways!

Hubli is an industrial town and a main trading center of North Karnataka region. We stayed at The Gateway Hotel (managed by the Taj group but owned by a Shetty) overnight here and I was quite (nicely) surprised by the level of affluence the city exhibits. One of the colleagues told me that it was due to the ‘The shetty’ business community who are the equivalent of affluent ‘Sardars’ of Punjab. Well, with one big difference, in my opinion though, the shettys have money AND ‘Taste’; they really know how to flaunt classily!! 

As we travelled from the city to the rural area, where our work took us, the plains became hilly outcrops, beautifully standing against the azure blue sky.

There were hardy men & women working the field, which was hardly romantic for me, as I do know what sweat & toil that is, being on site on construction project for so many years now.

One of the highpoints of this leg of travel was the food. I loved the Thali meals and all the delicious recipes they had with the vegetables. One of the best meals I had on the trip was a lunch at a Government Inspection Bungalow.

Hubli-Dharwar leg of North Karnataka travel was the most punishing, especially the end of it, as at the end of it, we travelled 6 hours to reach the capital city of Bangalore. The images of the travel in this part of north Karnataka will be staying in my mind for a longer time though.

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