We love to take road trips as a family and after having my baby, both me and the husband strongly felt we should take a holiday somewhere nearby as a family, as it was the best time for us both (we were on maternity & paternity leave respectively). A lot of our friends thought we were crazy to be taking a road trip with an infant ( 3 months old) and that too with a newborn baby who was on breastfeeding. However, it turned out to be a beautiful experience for us as a family and we look forward to many more family trips in the coming years. I am sharing my experience & learning from road travel with infant baby in India with the hope that it makes you shed any anxieties of travelling with babies.
Experience/Lesson 1 – Baby Car Seat is a must for road travel: We had bought a baby car seat along with the pram for commuting within the city. However, we realized its true importance on the road trip. A car seat is a safety requisite for road travel & for an infant, very comforting ride. Our baby slept in the car seat most of the way.
Experience/Lesson 2 – Travel with extended family or hired help: It is very difficult, almost impossible to travel as a nuclear family (i.e. only husband & wife) with an infant. As I was breastfeeding, it became ever more complex as I had to nurse the baby from time to time. Thankfully, my Mum agreed to be part of our travel plans and was travelling with us. Though she says she thoroughly; enjoyed the trip, I cannot thank her enough for being so helpful throughout the trip and sometimes sitting back at the hotel with the baby while we went on our walks in Kasauli. If you can’t have extended family member, then take a hired help along.
Experience/Lesson 3 – Over pack for the baby: While on the road, one never knows what might not get, so don’t leave anything to chance and take extra supplies of everything for the baby, even if that means underpacking for yourself. When I returned back from the trip, I had diapers and top feed left over to go for the next month, but that also meant I did not have to run for things when on the holiday.
Experience/Lesson 4 – Babies love to experience new environments: One of the things we were afraid of was that the baby (being 3 months old) would be cranky of the travel & new place. To our surprise, she thoroughly enjoyed the ride, sleeping & watching the road. She liked to sit in her car seat in the hotel lawn and enjoy the views while we had our breakfast or coffee; she was incredibly curious & happy to see people other than us. It was an eye opener for us.
Our baby came back a more active one from the trip and for days she wanted to be outside looking at people, so much so that we got tired of taking her our in the park everyday. So all of you who are thinking on planning a road trip or travelling with your baby – Go Ahead & Do It!!!

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  1. Inspired to take a road trip soon wid the baby 🙂 Can u please recommend any particular brand of carseat which has good cushion support?

  2. That's her, baba. I've seen so many babies acting cranky while travelling. But being the daughter of you two travel-o-holics, she of course would love to travel from such an early age! I'm surprised she didn't try and crawl out of her bed to explore the nursing home the moment she was born! 😛

  3. I can so relate to this post! Love love love!! When we had Tessa we told each other that our traveling won't change if I was breastfeeding. I can tell you that it wasn't all wonderful but it was worth it at the end. The car seat is a life saver to putting an infant to sleep and of course, the safety of it too. Thanks for sharing!


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