I travel frequently both on work & leisure and let me tell you that’s not always fun. Especially the endless wait at airport queues, sitting umpteen hours in dehydrated flight cabins and most of sleeping in sitting position. 
So while I love to travel in style, it has to be a comfortable style. Some of my readers and followers on instagram (@myunfinishedlyf) ask me how I manage to look stylish while travelling. So sharing my guide to travel dressing (or in other words my travel style guide)

The best way to be comfortable while travelling is to wear roomy baggy clothes. Remember those spandex or leather jeans which movie stars/celebrities are always spotted wearing in airports. Don’t even think about wearing them (movie stars always travel business class and always change into airline provided pajamas on air). Instead try maxi dresses, skirts, palazzos, etc.  I particularly like the maxi dress by Howrah Bridge in above pic for my flights and have worn it often.

Wear comfortable shoes. I wear only flats when travelling and carry my heels in my luggage (if I have need for them). There are lots of stylish flat shoes available, like crocs. 
Carry a pouch of all essentials to get refreshed on the go( like lotion, comb, handwash, facewash, etc). 
That’s my travel in style guide 🙂 …. Easy haa!
  ~ Happy Travels~

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