My job entails working on highway projects once in a while. Which also means i get to travel on road, which for me is great thing to do once in a while!!
I find them real good refreshers from sitting in office in front of the computer or attending boring meetings with clients/team. I also like the fact that i get to visit places which i normally wont visit , but which nonethless make for great road journeys!!….
and the best part is , its totally sponsored by my office!!!…not one dime i have to spend!!!
And incidently, i was inspired to start this blog after one such great road trip (sponsored by my job ofcourse) to gujarat!!…
Last week of April , i went on such a highways project to Uttar Pradesh, the political heartland of India, the state which has given maximum number of Prime ministers to India.
I had a lot of notions about this state, some got broken and some remained after my trip…..
i present some images of the trip first and then my thoughts on the trip…

The first thing that struck me was the have the best politicians of the country as representatives and still have so much poverty was strange. and believe me, i have been to a lot of states in India and they fare much better…..
Highways are real good in all parts of the country and the forest department has done some real good social forestry works on roadside, wherever we went to U.P., there were big trees lining the road side!!….
Overall, i would say i had a nice trip , met some nice village folks, travelled good roads, visited a broken down & abandoned fort, visted a bird sanctuary(though no birds there as its summers) and spotted cactus flowers, a rare sight!!!

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  1. Hi Star! I'm impressed how lonely you are on those roads; not the ones I've seen… ;))

    Ephesus Masterpieces wait for you… Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  2. Roads are in a very good condition.Didn't expect such dry- sookha land.

    Canopy reminds me of the old Baroda- Ahmedabad highway, before this expessway thing came up. I remember as a kid lying on the back seat of our Ambi and watching the canopy…

  3. Lovely pics, the roads look so inviting. Nothing beats travel does it? I love the food on UP highways, always yummy and you are so right about the trees, the entire road seems to be under a canopy 🙂


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