Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not Luxury ~ Coco Chanel

As a business traveller, I am now (to a certain degree) immune to the ‘luxury and service’ at most of the 5 star hotels. Travelling and working late for most of my work trips, all I look forward to is quick in house dining and a comfortable bed. The other comforts of a swanky restaurant, gym, bar, pool, etc seem the same to me everywhere (not that I don’t appreciate them, but I mostly never get to use them).  So, a hotel has really got to be special and offer something really unique for me to rave about it. The Taj West End at Bengaluru (Karnataka, India), where I stayed for first time in January this year, was a unique and relaxing experience for me. Sharing my Taj West End experience here:

I stayed at TheTaj West End Bengaluru  for 5 days (previously I stayed with ITC Gardenia, JW Marriot among other properties) and it was the best 5 days in Bengaluru I ever spent (this was my 5th visit to Bengaluru). I reached the hotel late at night and the check-in took only 5 minutes.  The Taj West End is spread over 20 acres and the rooms are unlike any other hotel. They are like quaint luxury inns (which is not surprising given its history) and I got a ground floor room with my own small stone laid garden; it was like being at home!! The bed was the perfect bed I have ever slept on in a hotel, the mattress not too soft and not too hard, just like the bed I have at home!!

I got to know about the history of The Taj West End in the room brochure and it was pretty interesting “ Started by the Bronsons as a 10-room inn in 1887, it now has 117 magnificent rooms and suites that dot the sprawling landscaped gardens, each with a gorgeous view. Home to the second-oldest tree in the city and a Victorian-era postbox still in use, this ambient hotel is a perfect synthesis of the charms of a bygone era and modern amenities and comforts.”

I got up early morning the next day and what a lovely sight it was, trees swaying in the wind, a garden all to myself and chairs to lounge on. I had my tea there and that was my ritual every morning I stayed here, a tea and pranayam in the little garden, before I hit the grinding work schedule for the day. This was a little piece of bliss for me every day and I used to get up early than usual to experience this (now if any hotel can make me do it, it has to be unique). 

I liked the open area in the hotel and on the last day (when I had some time before taking my flight), strolled around for an hour in the morning and was impressed by the property. Wide open spaces, stone laid pathways, ducks and turkeys roaming around, beautiful trees and heritage Victorian style cottages which have converted into rooms and suites.

If I had the option to choose a hotel for my business travel in Bengaluru, this would be on top of my list and I would in fact love to come back here with my family for a vacation too!!

The Taj West End Bengaluru will spoil you as a a luxury traveller, so please go ahead and experience this unique hotel!!

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