Victoria Peak is one of the top 10 attractions of Hong Kong and not only that, it is said that if a traveller has not experienced Victoria Peak (popularly known as ‘ The Peak’) , then visit to Hong Kong is incomplete. As a solo woman traveller, I also visited Victoria Peak during my Hong Kong visit.  It really was a ‘top 10 travel experience in Hong Kong’ for me and the whole experience became extra special as I travelled to ‘The Peak’ by the historic Peak Tram.

Riding the Peak Tram was a unique experience and one which took a bit of effort. Sharing my experience of The Peak Tram here.

For travellers there are many ways to visit Victoria Peak, but if one wants to experience the original way the first inhabitants of The Peak commuted to and fro from the Central District of Hong Kong, then taking a ride on the Peak Tram is the best option. The Peak tram is the steepest funicular Railway in the world. The journey takes only 7 minutes but it is a visual experience which remains etched in the mind for ever.

The Peak Tram first began operations in 1883 and at the time, it was the first cable funicular in Asia, extending 1,350 metres and connecting five intermediate stations. Today it is one of the major attractions for tourists and sometimes locals, who take the tram to visit the Peak.

I visited Victoria Peak on a weekday (actually Friday) to avoid crowds as my friends had told me that one weekends, it takes around 2-3 hours to reach the Peak, by any mode of transport. I used Hong Kong Public Transport to reach the Peak Tram Terminus –  rode the MTR (Hong Kong Metro)from my accommodation till Central District and then walked to the Peak Tram Terminus; there are signs leading the way from the Central District Metro Station and it takes around 10 minutes to reach the Peak Tram Terminus by walk.

The Peak Tram operates from 7 am daily  and there are 10-15 minute intervals between two rides. When I reached the Peak Terminus, I saw there was already a crowd and the waiting time in the ticket queue was 40 minutes (which my friends told me during weekends is usually 4 hours!!). The Peak Tram costs HKD 28 for single ride and 40 for return journey. But there are also  special offers if you wish to view
Victoria Peak from Sky Terrace428  and/or visit Madam Tussauds Museum Hong Kong. I opted for the The Peak Tram+Sky Terrace 428 (Return) package which cost me HKD 80 and it meant that I could take ride both ways (going up and down the peak tram) and also entry into Sky Terrace 428. It took a total of 1 and half hour to board the The Peak Tram.

I could write a long description of my 7 minutes each riding up and down the Peak Tram but best way to articulate the narration will be to tell you that I got to experience the Peak Tram Illusion while riding both up and down the tram, which as per is “According to a study by The University of Hong Kong, passengers riding on The Peak Tram will experience a spectacular visual illusion; when going uphill, the high rises of the right ride of the tram appear to fall toward The Peak. This Peak Tram illusion is induced by a change of the subjective vertical caused by the tilted visual environment and reclining body position of observers inside the tram.”

It was a visual delight to see the foliage, sky scrapers and other building tilted and appear to move up or down depending which way I was riding on the Peak Tram. I felt my wait of one and half hours was worth the experience.  

I totally recommend riding the Peak Tram if you are visiting Victoria Peak, trust me, it is totally worth the effort.

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