Friends may move places by yours but friendships don’t!! (Quote yours truly, unless someone already said it before). It’s been my good fortune to have been blessed with some awesome friends and even many miles apart, we share a close bond. One of my very good friends, Payal Biswas (who was also my co-food reviewer) recently shifted to Hong Kong and among our daily chats, we got the idea of chronicling life in Hong Kong. 
Hong Kong, the world city. The Wikipedia says “It is one of the Al­pha+ cities. Also, a Time Magazine article in 2008 coined the phrase “Nylonkong”, which referred to New York City, London and Hong Kong, that these three cities form a global network that facilitates the global economy.” It is also one of the most popular urban travel destinations in Asia. So, why not see Hong Kong from a local’s eye and enjoy sights beyond the regular tourist’s. So, here My Unfinished Life and Payal Biswas bring to you a new series – The Hong Kong Chapter
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Hong Kong is one of the most popular and favorite destinations for tourists all over the world. So what is it that attracts everyone to this former colonial city? Is it the tall skyscrapers, or the enchanting Disneyland, or the Peak tram which promises astonishing view over the harbour and skyscrapers? For over two months I have been exploring the city to find what makes Hong Kong different from the other major cities. If someone asks me to describe HK in one word; I would say it’s OVERWHELMING. It is one of the busiest cities in the world; majorly because it is the financial capital of the east. Likewise it’s a global pool- you will find here people of all cultures and countries. There’s a distinct sea smell in the air and when you get past it (I for one love the smell); you will find HK alluring. The weather here is mercurial- you may start with a sunny day and by evening there will be rains. So here when we make weekend plans you need to first consult the Hong Kong observatory. You have to come here to experience Hong Kong for yourself.

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