Dakshineswar Kali Temple in Kolkata (West Bengal) India ~ Experiences of a Traveler and Local

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple in Kolkata, West Bengal (India) is a popular Hindu Temple which is visited in huge numbers by both locals and travelers. I come into the category of both a local (by virtue of my parents having origins in this city) & traveler (since I don’t live here and just visit this city […]

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway ~ Memories of Darjeeling Toy Train Ride

As a child, my parents told me these enticing stories of Darjeeling, world famous for its tea( now it has a geographic patent to prove it). The most exciting part of the stories were about the Darjeeling Toy Train ride that one could take from the plains of Siliguri to Darjeeling. For a child, nothing […]

Kolkata Chronicles ~ A day in the Botanical Garden

Kolkata, the original ‘British era’ capital of India,is a city  most famous for its colonial era architecture and legacy; the grand Victoria Memorial, old world charm of Park Street, gothic St. Paul’s Cathedral and the vast Maidan are some of the most visited places in the city. Not surprisingly, these places are the most crowded […]

Kolkata Chronicles ~ Celebrating Christmas at Park Street

The Kolkata trip was the result of an ardent wish to celebrate Christmas at Park Street. Since the husband had a conference starting the day post Christmas, I thought it was an awesome opportunity to finally fulfilling this long cherished (travel) wish of mine!! However, the idea came to us just a week before and […]

A terracotta dream….Bishnupur

In the east part of India, lies a state called West Bengal (quite ironic isn’t it!!)  and in the northern part of the state lies a quaint town called Bishnupur, which is regarded as the nurturing ground of terracotta artwork. It is world famous for its terracotta temples and the balucheri sarees.   For almost a thousand years it was […]

Darjeeling ~ more than a dream!!…..

“Flowers are everywhere. The days are cold and the sun almost seems to play hide and seek with us”. – Rabindranath Tagore, poet , nobel laureate writing on darjeeling. Since I got married (which I think is not long back!!) we decided to spend our Durga Puja ( the most biggest festival for Bengalis!!) at […]

Tiger Hill ~ a sunrise to remember

i am fortunate to see sunrise & sunsets on most days nowadays….but for the first time in my life..i got up & waited for the sun to rise…the experience is one of my most beautiful & cherished moments… the images are of sunrise at tiger hill in darjeeling….i got up at 3 in the morning, […]

Chalo Asansol!!!

Chalo Asansol!!…means let’s go Asansol ..now why im saying this…well …read on Most people associate West Bengal with Kolkata, with genial bengali babus, Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge and associated culture. However, the state is more than that..it has got wide variety of people, an amalgamation of cultures, social groups, food habits, etc. which makes it […]

back to my roots..

Well…..technically..im a delhite…as am born and brought up here….and i also think my character is most suited to this city…..i consider myself a part of delhi….. but my parents are from west bengal…and…..there’s some part of that too in me…so whenever i go back to west bengal..and particularly..my dad’s village…it’s nice to be there..it’s a […]


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