Skies of Ambala, Haryana | Ambala Travel Diaries #2

I Never Get Tired of the Blue Sky ~ Vincent Van Gogh Indeed, like Mr. Gogh (who is one of my favourite painters), yours truly is always inspired by the skies.  I always make it a point to gaze at the sky once in the morning before I start the day and even in the […]

A day of Bliss at Elephant Beach ~ Alive is Awesome

 “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain To travel is to discover, about places, people, cultures, but […]

Hippo Falls @ Great Himalayan National Park ~ Alive is Awesome Trek!!

Every trip has its everlasting memories, those special moments which play out in our heads over & over again long after we have come back from the  trip. Many years ago, I went on an amazing trek to Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh along with my friends and my moments at Hippo Falls are […]

Hauz Khas ~ rediscovering my city on a heritage walk

I have lived in Delhi all my life, though many times I have been close to changing cities(due to studies, job and marriage)…destiny probably wills that I live in this city and I have grown to love it!!! I have my own favorite spots in the city to hang out, many places which i have […]

~~~Falling off the map….at Andamans~~~~

Have you had the urge to just take off to a far away land , away from everything and everyone and just relax for a while!!! Well, i had been having that urge for quite some time…to be away from office, from friends and family..away from all roles and responsibilities and multitasking!!!..and just chill!!!! I […]

Nilgiris Road Trip ~ a quickie trip to the blue mountains

Due to a sudden turn of events at work place last week, a quick travel for 2 Highways projects had come for the beginning of this week. now, i was eager to travel on site, since after frequent travelling, im finding sitting at office boring and rather be out there on the road!!!…but, the trip […]

NH 57 Orissa ~ Road Trippin!!!..among hills, lush green fields, dark forests and clear blue sky

It was time again for me to go road trippin , of course this time too for work on a highways project..The destination , National Highway 57 in the state of Orissa, India. As I always reiterate, It’s a refreshing feeling to travel on site for highways projects. I get to experience a different region […]

To Shimla, officially

I have been to a lot of hill stations and hills, some experiences good, some downright disappointing. However, Shimla never attracted me, rather it was never in my lost of hilly places to go, somehow I never associated this place with a hill station; it was more of a town for me. So when I […]

Tiger Hill ~ a sunrise to remember

i am fortunate to see sunrise & sunsets on most days nowadays….but for the first time in my life..i got up & waited for the sun to rise…the experience is one of my most beautiful & cherished moments… the images are of sunrise at tiger hill in darjeeling….i got up at 3 in the morning, […]

Lodhi Garden ~ my favourite places in delhi[#3]

This is my feet, as I am standing on one of my most cherished places….the lodhi gardens I love lodhi gardens, not like love as in loving a thing ..but love it as an entity!!! I have written on this place before also and maybe would do so in future….but this is about my […]


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