Jaipur on a weekend family trip ~ great refresher!!!

It had been a long time since I took a vacation and work at office was getting boring..and the daily routine of everyday was getting a tad monotonous…..I already had plans for vacations in later part of the year so there was nothing to look forward to in near future… however, as things usually happen […]

Kesroli ~ memories of a hill fort trip…..

forts and palaces hold a certain kind of charm…..of an royal era when everything was grand….!! this year valentine’s day fell on a weekend so hubby thought we could go out somewhere…and what better place than a royal fort for a romantic getaway… so we headed for kesroli hill fort, located in alwar district of […]

Reminiscing Ranchi

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand state of India and the centre of tribal movement for a separate state for tribals of eastern India.   I went there in the monsoon of 2006 and spent a beautiful 15 days there!!..but at the time I didn’t realize how much the memories of nature and beauty of […]

Pataudi ~ a royal trip!!

We were fast approaching one year of married life and had no clue how to celebrate it….the husband suggested movie and dinner…but i wasnt so hot on that!!….i kind of thought we could go somewhere nearby since it was a weekend….but no good places came to our mind…we dint want to go too far so […]

Chalo Asansol!!!

Chalo Asansol!!…means let’s go Asansol ..now why im saying this…well …read on Most people associate West Bengal with Kolkata, with genial bengali babus, Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge and associated culture. However, the state is more than that..it has got wide variety of people, an amalgamation of cultures, social groups, food habits, etc. which makes it […]

A lovely evening in Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh

an invigorating walk down the hill road…..winding ways lined with fir trees,cool breeze and overwhelming serenity…all this made me hungry…. I enter into this small restaurant…and i see no one around..just a pekinese dog resting on the floor and blues music playing… i sit down on a comfy table which is adjacent to a large […]

McLeodganj ~ in the land of dalai lama

In 1960’s, when dalai lama fled tibet and came to India to seek refuge..he settled down in a quiet place in himachal pradesh called McleodGanj..so named after a british governer of Punjab.. Since then, Mcleodganj has grown from a quiet sleepy village ..to the centrepoint of tibetan struggle..and living… my dear friend dreamcatcher had gone […]

Kumarakam ~ snapshots of backwaters

The backwaters of kerala are just too stunning!!..they leave one speechless with their sheer beauty…the time i spent in kumarakom backwaters was a lovely exeprience…i just couldnt believe i was in the middle of so much beauty..everywhere i looked, it seemed to me that the scenery was out of picture postcards and not for real!!….reading […]

Gujarat ~ memories of an amazing road trip…

Gujarat Diaries ~ I had gone on a road trip in 2006 ..travelled extensively in gujarat..a continous stretch from gandhinagar to dwarka up till the west coast of india…where the arabian sea touches the shores…most amazing road trip till now…remeber it fondly from time to time… it prompted me to start this blog!!..and i wrote […]

Kausauli ~ looking back, a nice weekend retreat

I went to kasauli as part of office treat last year…my office gave the whole team an all expense paid trip to kasauli for all the good business done for the whole year…at the time i was going through a lot of emotional stress…and wasn’t in the right frame of mind to enjoy the break……i […]


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