Kedareshvara Temple, Balligavi, Karnataka (India) ~ Visiting Lesser known temples of Hoysala period (Part #2)

Let me tell you that though I love to travel for leisure, it is my work trips into the rural, semi-urban and sometimes remote parts of India which really have given me some of the best life experiences. Every time, I am on field (due to my work projects) in India, I am mesmerised by […]

Karnataka Road Trip in 2016

Hello All!! How has been your 2016 so far?? I have been travelling for past 3 weeks and transitioned from 2015 to 2016 on the roads (literally!!) While I was on a family driving holiday in Rajasthan in the last week of 2015 (will be sharing posts  soon), I kickstarted 2016 with a work travel […]

On the road from Belgaum to Nippani and Mudhol in Karnataka (India) ~ Travelling on state highways of North Karnataka

My job entails lots and lots time on the roads, which is obvious because it has to do with infrastructure development. The first week of January was such a time; I spent extensively travelling on the state highways of North Karnataka. It was the first time I was visiting Karnataka (I have been a couple […]


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