Palazzos for Office Wear ~ From a working woman’s style diaries

Ever since I have gained a couple of kilos due to my pregnancy, I have re-discovered my love for palazzos. They are so good at hiding the flab and giving a slimmer look to the post maternity me.  So, I have been experimenting with styling palazzos for wearing to work and found it can be […]

Mehar Chand Market in Lodhi Road, Delhi ~ My Favorite Places in Delhi #10

Living in Delhi all my life, it never ceases to amaze me how fast this city has grown over the 20 odd years I have lived in it and how its still growing. While I don’t like a lot of stuff that’s come up in Delhi (read Malls), I do like the way some small […]

Girl in Fuschia ~ Today’s Look #37

Don’t look at me or my awkward pose….. Just focus on this bright pink fuschia dress.  Isn’t it gorgeous!!! I fell in love with it the moment I spotted it at Soma Store. Wore it on a tea tasting & appreciation session at my favorite Lodhi Garden Restaurant and got zillion compliments from all the other […]

Accessorizing it differently part deux ~ Today’s Look #35

I owe one to the fabulous fashion bloggers in making me open up to accessorizing outfits in imaginative and different ways!! Earlier, I had posted dress which I wore accessorized 2 days (click here to read) and it was appreciated a lot. Here, I am wearing one my favorite outfits, the floral palazzos & white top, for a […]


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