Potters’ Village walk in Binda Pur Gaon, Uttam Nagar in Delhi | Exploring the lesser known Delhi

I think most tourists, travelers and even locals envisage Delhi as a city rather than a state; the vast geographic differences, socio-economic disparities and cultural diversity across Delhi as a state are mostly ignored by the travellers, with only Old Delhi and Lutyens Delhi being the focus of their sightseeing interest. As a local, I […]

Foraging Walk in Lodhi Garden New Delhi | Exploring urban foraging and Garden to Table Meals

Lodhi Garden in the heart of Lutyens Delhi is an urban oasis and any regular reader of this blog knows how much I love this public garden/park. So when I read about a foraging walk in Lodhi Garden as part of Delhi Walk Festival, my curiosity was instantly aroused.  I visit this Lodhi Garden almost […]

National Gallery of Modern Art | New Delhi | India ~ A summer afternoon experiencing Art

What to do on a ruthlessly hot weekend summer afternoon as a couple? Malls get too boring after a time (how much window shopping can one do and how much people can one watch!) and there are not many nice movies of our choice (maybe we are getting jaded and old style couple). Well, I […]

Mehrauli Archaeological Park in New Delhi (India) ~ A Heritage Walk

I love to go on heritage and nature walks in my city Delhi (as regular readers on my blog now know very well know). I find it one of the most interesting ways to keep re-discovering my city. It was, therefore a pleasure to go on a heritage walk with noted Historian and Author Rana […]

Lodhi Art District | New Delhi | India

Start India is an initiative to make our Indian streets more interactive through the medium of urban art festivals across India. As part of its campaign, it has collaborated on public art across Delhi (India), a majority of which is in the area of Lodhi Colony and Mehar Chand Market,named the #LodhiArtDistrict. The Lodhi Art […]

Hauz Khas ~ rediscovering my city on a heritage walk

I have lived in Delhi all my life, though many times I have been close to changing cities(due to studies, job and marriage)…destiny probably wills that I live in this city and I have grown to love it!!! I have my own favorite spots in the city to hang out, many places which i have […]


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