Foraging Walk in Lodhi Garden New Delhi | Exploring urban foraging and Garden to Table Meals

Lodhi Garden in the heart of Lutyens Delhi is an urban oasis and any regular reader of this blog knows how much I love this public garden/park. So when I read about a foraging walk in Lodhi Garden as part of Delhi Walk Festival, my curiosity was instantly aroused.  I visit this Lodhi Garden almost […]

Lodhi Garden Tree Walk by Sausage Tree Nature Walks | Delhi Walk Festival

Spring has arrived in my city Delhi and flowers, trees and plants are in full bloom. This season is the time when Delhi sees a myriad number of arts and culture events, making most of the pleasant weather.  One of the most interesting ongoing events taking place this week is the Delhi Week Festival (see […]

National Bonsai Park at Lodhi Garden, Delhi (India) ~ World of Miniature tree wonders

Lodhi Garden in Delhi (India) is quite well known as an urban natural oasis & park in the heart of Lutyens Delhi. However, even the regulars to this park  don’t know or get to see a small section of this park which has been designated as National Bonsai Park. Though it’s said to be open […]

Picnic in Lodhi Garden, Delhi ~ Best Picnic spot in Delhi

I love Lodhi Garden, as my regular reader know very well by now and I don’t need a reason to come here. I come here as much as I can and today I am telling you one more reason, YOU should visit Lodhi Garden – come to Lodhi Garden for a fabulous picnic. It is […]

Najaf Khan’s Tomb in Delhi ~ A forgotten Persian noble’s mausoleum

The city of cities – Delhi has many interesting but very less known ancient monuments tucked away in its nooks & crannies. Najaf Khan’s Tomb is one of them. In my quest to experience the lesser known monuments of my city Delhi, I visited this simple yet nicely preserved monument on a sunshine winter afternoon. […]

5 best things to do in Delhi in September, October & November ~ Autumn Travelers’ Guide to Delhi

Delhi takes on beautiful character in the autumn season – it is sunny but not excruciatingly hot, breezy with sporadic rains and there is a certain joie di viviere in the air. No doubt, the autumn months of September, October and November have been described as the best months to visit this city. Personally, these […]

Lodhi Garden, Delhi ~ Scenes from a Sunday morning Walk

Lodhi Garden, one of the beautifully landscaped gardens in Delhi is one place I have written so many times about. My regular readers already know I’m in love with it!!! And why not, it has got the perfect amalgamation of history, nature and gives me a sense of calm whenever I spend time at this […]

A heritage walk in my favorite garden ~ Lodhi garden

I love Lodhi Garden, if there is something called Love!! Those readers who have been coming here for a long time have read my love posts on this Garden from time to time(click here, here, here and here to read my previous posts on Lodhi Garden). I go there on a regular basis for walk/jog […]

Lodhi Garden ~ my favourite places in delhi[#3]

This is my feet, as I am standing on one of my most cherished places….the lodhi gardens I love lodhi gardens, not like love as in loving a thing ..but love it as an entity!!! I have written on this place before also and maybe would do so in future….but this is about my […]


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