Kingdom of Dreams at Gurgaon ~ Lunch at Punjab Pavilion in Culture Gully

Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon, Haryana is one of our preferred destinations for a fun time with family.Since it opened in  Delhi/NCR, we have been here couple of times,both for the food & theatre musicals (read previous experience here ). Last month, me and the husband were again invited by the gracious KOD team for a […]

Chennai Pavilion at Culture Gully, Kingdom of Dreams ~ Taste of Authentic Home Made style South Indian Cuisine

I love south Indian cuisine and it’s been a favorite since my childhood.  Unfortunately, the only truly authentic south Indian food I have ever had in Delhi/NCR  all this while has been either at my south Indian friends’ homes or what my Mum makes. But I can now happily add Chennai Pavilion at Culture Gully, […]

Kingdom of Dreams ~ Destination unlimited entertainment!!

Kingdom of Dreams (India’s first love entertainment and leisure destination) happens to be located near Delhi (in Gurgaon), making it one of my preferred ways to be entertained during weekends. When it was opened some years back, I was curious to visit this place and experience the magical live entertainment experience it offered. Sure enough, […]


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