Jama Masjid and Old Delhi Ramazan walk with Dr. Navina Jafa | Heritage Walk in Old Delhi

Ramazan for me (and the husband) has always been associated with food –  delicious Iftaar food found in Old Delhi! Every year, we make it a point to savour the delectable street food on offer during Ramazan in the Old Delhi area of Jama Masjid. Making our way through Chawri Bazaar into Jama Masjid and […]

Old Delhi Iftar Food Walk ~ A gastronomic journey through lanes of Old Delhi

The historic Walled city of Old Delhi, established by the Mughals, is famous not only for its heritage but the characteristic food it offers. Tourists & locals throng all year round to taste the delicious food offered by the street food stalls, old world Mughlai restaurants & sweet shops.  During the Islamic holy month of […]

Old Delhi, a walk through living history – My Favourite Places in Delhi [#8]

In the heart of Delhi lies Old Delhi, the walled city  founded as ‘Shahjahanabad’ by the Mughal emperor Shahajahan. Today, Old Delhi is a bustling place, a  symbolic heart of metropolitan Delhi and very much a separate world and a vibrant living history. Old Delhi is also home to some of the most famous landmarks in Delhi – Chandni […]


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