Kerala ~ My experience of God’s own country

Kerala was one of the places I always wanted to visit….even before the state tourism department coined the famous catchline”God’s Own Country”..partly because of the reason that I had been hearing stories from my uncle since childhood of the wonderful place it is..and the nice friendly people there…and somewhat coz of my dearest friend who […]

Kausauli ~ looking back, a nice weekend retreat

I went to kasauli as part of office treat last year…my office gave the whole team an all expense paid trip to kasauli for all the good business done for the whole year…at the time i was going through a lot of emotional stress…and wasn’t in the right frame of mind to enjoy the break……i […]

back to my roots..

Well… a delhite…as am born and brought up here….and i also think my character is most suited to this city…..i consider myself a part of delhi….. but my parents are from west bengal…and…..there’s some part of that too in me…so whenever i go back to west bengal..and dad’s village…it’s nice to be’s a […]

My Great Himalayan National experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best and most beautiful things in life are for free…..if we could just open our eyes and reach out to them..and the things that we run after…the petty human emotions of jealousy, anger, prejudice and most of all ego are so small and insignificant that its never worth our time ………….the Great Himalayan National […]


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