To Shimla, officially

I have been to a lot of hill stations and hills, some experiences good, some downright disappointing. However, Shimla never attracted me, rather it was never in my lost of hilly places to go, somehow I never associated this place with a hill station; it was more of a town for me. So when I […]

Neemrana Fort Palace ~ a romantic monsoon trip

Neemrana fort palace – the destination that has been credited with starting the weekend holiday craze for delhites. It is a fort, palace, heritage hotel and a destination – all rolled into one!!…Its delightful in the winters , but so much more delightful and romantic in the monsoons!! Since I got married two years back, […]

A Bali-nicious holiday!!!!

My nerves were stretched to the limit with with work stress, both me & the husband’s bodies half frozen in the Delhi winters and so we were perfectly ready for a sunny beach holiday!!! but where to go???? I absolutely wanted to go to some place which was totally unfamiliar, which would take me out of […]

Darjeeling ~ more than a dream!!…..

“Flowers are everywhere. The days are cold and the sun almost seems to play hide and seek with us”. – Rabindranath Tagore, poet , nobel laureate writing on darjeeling. Since I got married (which I think is not long back!!) we decided to spend our Durga Puja ( the most biggest festival for Bengalis!!) at […]

Jaipur on a weekend family trip ~ great refresher!!!

It had been a long time since I took a vacation and work at office was getting boring..and the daily routine of everyday was getting a tad monotonous…..I already had plans for vacations in later part of the year so there was nothing to look forward to in near future… however, as things usually happen […]

India Gate ~ my favourite places in delhi [#1]

Being born and brought up in delhi…..i have seen this city change, adapt, beautify, uglify and most of all transform with the times…it is so much a part of me as i am a part of it…. there are places which only delhi can have and then there are places that i just cannot do […]

A lovely evening in Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh

an invigorating walk down the hill road…..winding ways lined with fir trees,cool breeze and overwhelming serenity…all this made me hungry…. I enter into this small restaurant…and i see no one around..just a pekinese dog resting on the floor and blues music playing… i sit down on a comfy table which is adjacent to a large […]

McLeodganj ~ in the land of dalai lama

In 1960’s, when dalai lama fled tibet and came to India to seek refuge..he settled down in a quiet place in himachal pradesh called named after a british governer of Punjab.. Since then, Mcleodganj has grown from a quiet sleepy village the centrepoint of tibetan struggle..and living… my dear friend dreamcatcher had gone […]

Kumarakam ~ snapshots of backwaters

The backwaters of kerala are just too stunning!!..they leave one speechless with their sheer beauty…the time i spent in kumarakom backwaters was a lovely exeprience…i just couldnt believe i was in the middle of so much beauty..everywhere i looked, it seemed to me that the scenery was out of picture postcards and not for real!!….reading […]

Haridwar ~ blast from the past…but not quite the same thing!!!!

When i visited rishikesh and hariwdar many years back(i was a curious eyed kid of 10)..i never thought i’d get married to some one belonging from the place and have in-laws place in this region….well, it did happen!!…. Rishikesh was etched in my childhood memories as a magical,mystical place…. this time around, when me and […]


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