Heritage Street at Amritsar, Golden Temple, Punjab

The Heritage Street in the holy city of Amritsar, Punjab is a beautiful example of thoughtful urban redevelopment in making public spaces accessible & more enjoyable. Thousands of visitors come here everyday and on my recent visit to Amritsar, I could experience the difference in walking around in this old part of the city connecting […]

Golden Temple at Amritsar, Punjab (India) ~ Experiencing Serenity, Peace & Joy

Golden Temple (also known as Harminder Sahib) at Amritsar, Punjab (India) is one of the most prominent temples of Sikhism in the world. The faithful (both sikhs and non-sikhs) visit this temple from world over and we also made a trip to this beautiful & serene temple on our trip to Amritsar. It was one […]

Amritsar: a foodelicious trip !!

Amritsar is the spiritual and cultural center of sikhism in the world. It also has been focal point of indian freedom struggle.People from all over india and the world travel here to visit Golden Temple and enjoy the cultural & historical potpourri the city has to offer. however, this was not the reason the husband […]


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