A terracotta dream….Bishnupur

In the east part of India, lies a state called West Bengal (quite ironic isn’t it!!)  and in the northern part of the state lies a quaint town called Bishnupur, which is regarded as the nurturing ground of terracotta artwork. It is world famous for its terracotta temples and the balucheri sarees.   For almost a thousand years it was […]

Chalo Asansol!!!

Chalo Asansol!!…means let’s go Asansol ..now why im saying this…well …read on Most people associate West Bengal with Kolkata, with genial bengali babus, Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge and associated culture. However, the state is more than that..it has got wide variety of people, an amalgamation of cultures, social groups, food habits, etc. which makes it […]


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