It’s hot and humid in my city Delhi. Rains are far away, though we have had pre-monsoon showers. But there are some good things to enjoy still. Like sunsets, when the temparture becomes cooler and one can go out. We went to Qutub Minar one day when sun was about to set; among the tourists and locals, I felt a certain kind of alone-ness. Of being all alone…that’s the thing about my city, one can go to places totally crowded and still feel the lovely feeling of being totally alone. Sunset at Qutub Minar was lovely 🙂

Sunset at Qutub Minar is highly recommended by me, its a lovely monument complex and has many nooks, crannies and pathways when one can enjoy lovely views. Just don’t  for the history but also for the ambiance. …and the lovely sunset. And did I mention, it’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site too 🙂

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  1. It is really a shame that I have been to delhi so many times I have lost count, spent months there and yet never been to this place ..

    maybe next time when i land in delhi i will go there directly 🙂


  2. Lovely Pic..and, The QM is a really majestic monument. Am longing to visit Delhi one of these days and have a look-see at all the places…including QM, Red Fort, Bahaii temple, CP, …..:)


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