Being on a work trip to another country always means that there is only limited time to enjoy & soak up the experiences, as most of the time is spent in office. However, in Bangkok, I was lucky to get considerable time to explore the city and made the most of it (read here, here and here from the previous posts in this series).
Sharing with you some snapshots of everyday life in Bangkok as I captured them…..
The famous tuk tuks (as seen in many advertisements for Thailand tourism) are everywhere in Bangkok city…..however I rode them only one time and found it very tricky and unsafe, especially as the tuk tuk drivers usually drive at break neck speed and one is almost thrown off the vehicle at turns!!

There are also souveniers in shape of tuk tuks!! Well , I did not buy those too!!!
Street food vendors are found at every corner, selling mostly meat and non -vegetarian stuff so beware vegetarians and don’t experiement (as asking no meat isn’t enough, they assume you eat pork and fish)!!! 
The streets of Bangkok are open and clean; it was  a pleasure walking down to the nearby shops, etc.
There are flashy cars too!!
The sidewalks are sometimes empty…
And sometimes the sidewalsk are brming with tourists, locals and street vendors…..but always an exciting place to stroll….
I loved strolling in Bangkok city, more so as my hotel was located in tge centre of the city and I could walk down to the sky train station or to a lot of places I wanted to visit.

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