The backwaters of kerala are just too stunning!!..they leave one speechless with their sheer beauty…the time i spent in kumarakom backwaters was a lovely exeprience…i just couldnt believe i was in the middle of so much beauty..everywhere i looked, it seemed to me that the scenery was out of picture postcards and not for real!!….reading fellow blogger backpackker’s post on the backwaters made me nostalgic…and i looked back to my collection of pics again….here sharing few shots!!..they are but only a few of the innumerable beautiful moments i experienced…




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  1. Simply “wow”

    Applauds fer ya..
    thanks for visiting my blog..and must at a real sexy plc..
    have been thre before..but the pics still seem soo artificial to me!

    lovely shots..

  2. Hi,Sush..lovely pics..even I loved the backwaters of Kumarakom. Plus, I loved the picturesque Kovalam. Would love to visit God’s own country again.

    You know,it makes me wonder-why do people from Kerala insist on settling down in cities like Dubai(Where their population is more than any other ‘nationality’,when they have the best of God’s natural creations right in their backyard?

    LOL..Perhaps the answer is ‘Money makes the world go round’.


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