I Never Get Tired of the Blue Sky ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Indeed, like Mr. Gogh (who is one of my favourite painters), yours truly is always inspired by the skies.  I always make it a point to gaze at the sky once in the morning before I start the day and even in the pollution filled city of Delhi (where I live and work), it works wonders to my spirit.


I have been fortunate to see many moods of the skies in many places of my country, world and in different situations (like I think the only redeeming part about flights are the stunning sky scapes I get to see!!..anyways I am digressing). Recently, I spent a long weekend in Ambala with my brother and one of my favourite time pass was watching the skies in all its hues. Sharing here some of the moments of  – Skies of Ambala.


Ambala is relatively un-polluted town and on a sunny day, one can clear blue skies (like it once to be in Delhi). However, when I went to visit Ambala, there was remnants of the monsoons. So the sky would be heavily cloudy in the morning and then the clouds would waft away with breeze, or it would rain and then shape of clouds would change and finally by afternoon, it would be a dark azure blue sky with some clouds in the horizon. My brother (the army man) could not understand my fascination for the skies and just shrugged when I exclaimed at the beautiful skies each time we had a conversation during our stay (not surprisingly, he gets posted in the most beautiful and remote parts of India and gets to see much more natural beauty so cannot understand the oohs and ahhs of this urban dilliwali!! On such a ‘normal; thing as skies!!).




The skies of Ambala were one of the pretty experiences of my trip to this Garrison Town/Army Cantonment, which threw a couple of more surprises at me while I was there (like heritage Churches of Ambala)..stay tuned to read more on my Ambala Travel Diaries in subsequent posts.

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