I first got interested in SOHO when my friend and Hong Kong resident Payal described it to me, during one of our chats just after she had relocated to Hong Kong. She loved it so much that she even wrote a guest post on it. So, SOHO was on the top of my must visit places in Hong Kong, during my solo trip there. 

Sharing my experience of sightseeing in SOHO district in Hong Kong.

SOHO refers to South of Hollywood Road in Hong Kong and was interestingly named after the entertainment district in London having same name. SOHO  district is a multicultural entertainment zone and has restaurants, bars, cafe, fashion & art boutiques, etc. The best (and convenient) way to explore SOHO is to take the Mid-Levels Escalators. I was actually quite fascinated by Mid – Levels Escalators; it was so nice to stand and watch the surroundings pass you by as the escalators move along!.

The SOHO area is a mix of commerical/residential space and also an amalgamation  of chinese/colonial culture & modern developments. The streets are narrow but have so much of character packed in the buildings lining up on both sides.  This mix of past & present makes for an interesting sightseeing by foot. Like walking on Elgin Street, I saw a multistorey building which had a church on ground floor and district court on the first floor.

There are many interesting restaurants, bars and lounges in SOHO, which makes eating out an exciting affair any time of the day. Also there are many fashion boutiques where one can find the latest in ‘asian’ and ‘European’ fashion together!

There are many interesting shops like the traditional chinese porcelain shops and I went completely shopping crazy at one of the shops I found on Elgin Street, which had hand painted crockery ware ( and I Know how much effort it took me to bring them along on the flight back home from Hong Kong to Delhi!!).

SOHO district is a delightful place to visit, if your idea is to get inside the skin of Hong Kong and really experience the soul of this city. 

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  1. Somehow it seems like it is a place you will instantly feel at home in. It seems to have a character of its own.
    That escalater look like fun.

    I hope you and your little one are doing well, Sush. 🙂


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