One of my most exhilarating and close encounters with birds was during my ferry ride to Bet Dwarka in Port Okha, Dwarka Gujarat (India). I was on a road trip (work related though) and on reaching Port Okha in Dwarka, decided to take a break by visiting Bet Dwarka, a small island 30 kms off the mainland. The highlight of the ferry ride was feeding the sea gulls who were totally confident in their human interactions. It was a very interesting experience for me to see birds, in huge numbers in such close proximity.&nbsp

Bet Dwarka in itself has a mythological significance for Hindus. It is believed that this is the place where Lord Krishna lived and ruled. There is a temple on the island, which I visited, but not being a very religious person, did not find much inspiration.

The ferry ride, on the other hand, was exciting. As soon as the ferry started from Port Okha, sea gulls started encircling the boat. I was puzzled till I saw people starting to throw bird feed at them. The sea gulls caught them mid air at close range. Excited, I bought some bird feed, which was being sold by the boat operators and also started feeding the birds. The birds caught them each time and one bird even took it from my hand!

The Ferry ride was just for 10 minutes, but it was an exciting and interesting 10 minutes. If you happen to visit Dwarka, do take the ferry ride at Port Okha and indulge in  exciting close encounters with the sea gulls  🙂

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  1. We once went on a day cruise and we were fed fish for lunch. The bones and all were thrown to sea gulls and it was a quite a site to see them grab fish while in flight. This was half the fun of the tour!


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