Alert: This post features sarees, lots of them!!

I love sarees and while I have written quite a few posts on them, this post is not really about that.

I want to tell you that my sarees are my travel stories. As many regular readers know by now that my job takes me across length and breadth of India. I go to the most remote corners and most times, the traditional handloom sarees I buy are the only souveneirs I am able to come back with. So finally when the lovel ladies anju mudgal kadam and ally matthan started the 100 saree pact on social media, I thought it was a wonderful opportunity for me to take out my souveneirs and show off. 

Over the past few months, I have conciously made an effort to wear sarees at all possible places and occasions. Sharing with you some of sarees here. For individual saree stories, please visit my instagram handle @myunfinishedlyf

Hail the #100sareepact

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