Safdarjung’s Tomb in Central Delhi happens to be the last Garden Tomb constructed by the Mughals in Delhi, after the much more popular Humayun’s Tomb. Though very well conserved by Archaeological Survey of India(ASI), it is much less known & rarely visited by both locals & travelers to the city. In fact, it’s just 1 km away from my place and I have been passing by it every single day as I travel but had not visited it even once in last 15 years!!! So, I thought a romantic cloudy windy Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to visit this lovely monument. 
It turned out to one of my best Sunday afternoons ever spent admits nature, heritage, family & rains!!
Safdarjung’s Tomb is located at the intersection of Safdarjung Road and Aurobindo Marg in Central Delhi. In fact  it’s really hard to miss for anyone who travels regularly on these two roads (like I do). 

The ASI has preserved this monument very well and there is parking available along side the monument. We parked our car and after getting our tickets, took some lovely shots of the entrance. The entrance, though not  grand, is really pretty.

Going past the entrance, the tomb came into panoramic view full view, along with the garden and fountain that runs in front of it. The cloudy windy day and the quiet atmosphere made the moment more romantic.
We sat down by the fountain bed, enjoying the cool breeze, drops of rain which had started pouring and taking some lovely shots.
Getting up to the main structure, which is on a raised platform, we strolled around it and noticed that some people were enjoying the day just like us; couples in the moment, gang of boys & families. The  view of clouds gathering heavily against the red sandstone tomb was a beautiful one.
The view of the central pathway against the backdrop of the heavily clouded sky was awesome!!!
Inside the main tomb, lies the remains of Mirza Muqim Abul-Mansur Khan, entitled Safdar-Jang, who was the viceroy of Oudh under Muhammad Shah (1719-48) and later on prime minister under Ahmad Shah (1748-54). The tomb was built in about 1754 by Shuja’u’d-Daula, Safdar Jang’s son.

Just as we thought it was time to depart , the heavens opened up and showered us with a heavy downpur!! It was lovely watching the rains from inside the monument.

If you are in Delhi and in the vicinity of Lodhi Garden (which is just stone’s throw away from ), do make it a point to visit the pretty Safdarjung’s Tomb. You will definitely be charmed by the last Mughal Garden  Tomb of Mughals.

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  1. wow It is like from a fairytale Very beautiful. That was indeed well spend time. The details are beautiful and the fountain bed and lane of trees just making it complete


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