We were fast approaching one year of married life and had no clue how to celebrate it….the husband suggested movie and dinner…but i wasnt so hot on that!!….i kind of thought we could go somewhere nearby since it was a weekend….but no good places came to our mind…we dint want to go too far so that we got tired of the driving….

Finally after much deliberation…we planned on a trip to pataudi and more specifically to the Pataudi Palace& royal estate which is now a heritage hotel…we were not too sure of what we would expect there…but i was quite optimistic about the place….
Pataudi is a small town in Gurgaon district in the Indian state of Haryana. It is famous on virtue of being the erstwhile princley state of Nawab of Pataudi..the most famous of its heirs being Mansoor Ali Khan, the famous crikceter and his actress wife, the graceful Sharmila Tagore and ofcourse their famous kids and now actors in their own right ..Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan.
It took us around 3 hours pleasant drive from Delhi…the road was really quite good..and with a brief stopver at Manesar…we werent at all tired when we reached Pataudi…..the village road was lovely and just as village roads should be….

We were greeted by peacocks as we entered the Pataudi Palace estate..it was a nice welcome to our trip!!…


The Pataudi Palace is big but not huge..it is luxurious but not awesome…its somthing between the king and the common man…in exact words…it is a home for nawabs….and it lends itself every bit the charm it should and no more..and since it has been converted into a hotel, it has all the luxuries one wants

It is quite a relaxing place…the palace gardens and surrounding landscape is quite soothing to the nerves…and a good break from the hustle bustle of city…..

we thoroughly enjoyed our evening strolling in the lawns, having our tea by the pool, watching peacocks strolling, going through the various sections of the palace and clicking pictures …


The Dinner was the highpoint of our evening..it was sumptous!!!…..and there was so much variety of food that we could not finish everything!!!!…and we tried to play some pool after that in royal billiards room but failed miserably!!! At night, we had the most lovely time sitting in front of our room’s lawns and sipping hot tea and only the two of us and the stars above!!…i really had a wonderful time…watching the stars and it was a long long time since i saw such a lovely sky ….and the moon and stars!!!…. Soon it was morning…..and it was equally, if not more, nice!!…the clear blue sky and greenery around inspired my usually very lazy husband out for a walk…and it was a really refreshing walk!!!

the walk was followed by a nice breakfast…and we ate so much that we took a nap after that right away….!!!
Soon it was time to leave…with lovely memories and one year of marriage behind us….we headed back for delhi…..and that was our memorable Royal Trip!!

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  1. Hi,Sush-hearty congrats on completion of one yr of married life.:)
    And, sheer bliss,is what I can say,on reading about this lovely place,Pataudi.I had no idea such a place existed,in fact.*hangs head in shame*…would love to visit it someday,specially since it’s so close to Delhi.Let’s see..my list of places to visit in India is already overflowing.:)

    And,here’s wishing u both a Dazzling 2009!:)

  2. Hi Shooting Star! Congratulations! Hope you had a great time and wish you a 2009 much better than we can anticipate and at least as better as if your dreams come true!
    Health, Peace, and… some money to spend on Royal trips… 😉
    As for Blogtrotter, it’s visiting the Red Fort in Delhi. Hope you enjoy (comments from a resident expert are always welcome) and have a great week!

  3. Hotel is a sensible idea, like most of the palaces now, difficult otherwise to maintain. Tourists, specially the Americans love anything ‘royal’ Thanks for the tour.

    Happy New Year to you and your dear husband.

  4. Thanks for a nice post on Pataudi Palace. The beautiful Pataudi Palace reminds me so much of the Jai Vilas Palace of Gwalior – a place I visited last year this time. (Filed under Label: Gwalior, on my blog).


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