It was time again for me to go road trippin , of course this time too for work on a highways project..The destination , National Highway 57 in the state of Orissa, India.
As I always reiterate, It’s a refreshing feeling to travel on site for highways projects. I get to experience a different region each time, get the real experience of rural/semi-urban India and depending on the project location; I get to visit hills, forests and wildlife sanctuaries. It sure beats sitting in office in front of a computer!!!!
This time, driving through the interiors of Orissa, I was particularly lucky, the road passed through forests and wildlife sanctuaries for the most part.
The views were lovely, hills, paddy fields, dense forests, herds of cows and goats stopping our way, lush vegetation and friendly people.
Some pics of my road trip……



In addition, the location where we put up during our stay was a lovely hotel cum resort under construction with some great views!!!!
It was wonderful experience to get up in the morning to amazing views and smell of flowers, to feel the gentle morning breeze on my skin; I cannot truly describe the wonderful fresh feeling I experienced every morning while I was there!!!!
The hotel owner was a helpful and generous man and a very gracious host. He not only fed us ethnic Oriya lunch (at no extra cost!!!) one day, but took the pains to get us special sweets packed to take back home.
I came back not only with great memories and some wonderful pictures, but also with a glowing skin and lustrous hair, thanks to the fresh air, good food (read organic vegetables!!) and chemical free water…
Some pics of the resort where i stayed and the wonderful lunch i had!!!……..

Im eager to go back there again…wanna come along this road trip???????????????

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  1. Hi Star! Beautiful trip! And the road looks much quieter than those I saw in India… ;))

    Sorry for the absence: out one week, busy on return and then caught by the flu… 😉
    Blogtrotter Two is still in Algiers… Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  2. lovely place….and it wud be lovelier if next time the camera settings are right while taking close up of those lovely flowers…….

    after all we all learn with time… next time i bet u wud definitely take a quantum leap

  3. wonderful…gives me a sense of this beautiful land (and love the photo–in cap and sneakers with those hills in the background…you look so cool, could be hanging out in Greenwich Village in New York!)

  4. I feel so envious-you're right, Sush-this beats sitting behind a computer at office..and,all this greenery-whew..Waise,my idea of Orissa,always used to be that of a place rife with strife-coz that's what we read in the papers. U've changed that view.


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