Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand state of India and the centre of tribal movement for a separate state for tribals of eastern India.


I went there in the monsoon of 2006 and spent a beautiful 15 days there!!..but at the time I didn’t realize how much the memories of nature and beauty of the place will soothe me at times of stress and exhaustion..yeah that’s right..!!


Many times when im tired, fatigued or stressed out…the images of the sky or the rains of Ranchi soothe my mind…..i guess some things are much more beautiful in perspective….
I went to Ranchi coz of official work, the company I was employed with was working on the design of sewerage system for the city. I was there with the team of engineers to overlook site survey going on….now being on site is usually tiresome..but as we were in a city, the experience was just the opposite..

Especially for me , it was nice break from boring office routine of sitting in front of a computer screen day in and out….and everyday I would wake up very enthusiastically to roam about the city, discover new places and enjoy the food…all that paid by office!! Wat better can I ask for!!!
At the time I was there, it was just the beginning of monsoons….and due to the undulating topography and subtropical weather, Ranchi was full of greenery…I was bursting with flora at every corner…..and it was a delight for me to see so many lovely flowers and click them too!!

As my hotel was located just bang opposite the Airport, there was wide open area and every morning I enjoyed breakfast on the terrace garden watching the flights take off and land…..and in the evenings watch the sunset!!..it used to be the perfect way to start and end of the days everyday there!!
As part of site reconnaissance I visited every nook and cranny of the city and also its outskirts….which were particularly nice…there are fields and bushes in the outskirts of Ranchi and it makes Ranchi look like a village still…a very pretty village at that!!
And we(I mean our team) had very close brush with nature on oe our jaunts which left us both shaken and stirred…it so happened that while on a mission to follow a river path, we came upon a bushy area and all of us enthusiastically went into it…with one of our more enthusiastic member leading the way..and he came across a…snake, a python at that…it crossed in front of him…and in the shock that ensued..he froze there for atleast 15 seconds while we( who were a bit behind) turned around the moment we saw it..(it was funny how we did it….just like a parade u-turn!!….) and ran back as fast as possible…and when we assembled again..we laughed till we split over the incident…over our own foolishness and reactions!! the pic above was taken as a souveneir for us all, at the very place the snake incident had happened
We got one Sunday off at the site, which we all unanimously chose not to sleep over and check out the beautiful Dasam and Johna Falls which are nearby and can be visited in one day….
I had never seen a real fall before and when I saw Dasam falls in its full glory( since it was monsoons) , I was awed by its force and beauty…and i tried to get as close to it as possible…it was exhilarating…..
Johna falls by comparison was tame…but the pathway leading to it was the most beautiful..and it was eerily quiet and lonely!!….and I got the feel of how it would be in a jungle being watched by all the wild animals…………..
see the pics of falls below…and some of my daredevilry and foolishness!!

Soon we had come to the end of our trip in Ranchi…and its been two years since then..but still today many a times I am transported back to the place..and feel wind against my skin and the rain drops as I look towards the beautiful sky of Ranchi!

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  1. Hi Shooting Star! TGIF!! 😉
    Must confess that my concept of a beautiful sky doesn’t match with a rain storm in the horizon… 😉 But the post is excellent!
    Blogtrotter is still posting on Delhi! Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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