A Road Trip is a way for the whole family to spend time together and annoy each other in interesting new places ~ Tom Litchenheld

Winters for our family involves many must do things, chief among them is to take a road trip through one of the sunnier (or warmer if you please) states if our incredibly diverse country India. Since we happen to live in the capital of India – New Delhi, often it means that we choose Rajasthan for our winter road trips.Last year winter, we had driven through Shekhawati region of Rajasthan and since it was a great experience (read here), we again chose  a driving holiday through Rajasthan this year.

We traveled for 8 days in the month of January to the Mewar  region of Rajasthan,  choosing destinations which were both on my and the husband’s travel wish list for a long time (our toddler is 2.5 years old so she doesn’t have any destination preferences yet). It turned out to be a mixed bag of interesting experiences, disappointments and some exciting moments of adrenalin rush. Sharing our Rajasthan family road trip with all readers, hopefully you will find our journey as interesting as we experienced it.

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Ya Garib Nawaz tere darr pe ake Mujhe Jahaan Bhar ka sakun Naseeb hota hai 🙏🙏 | We drove 400 kms from Delhi to Ajmer today, with some pretty bad visibility conditions due to early morning fog. Our #Duster Car gave a very reliable driving experience and our toddler slept most part of the trip. Join us on #Instastory and here for an 8 day self driving family road trip through the beautiful state of Rajasthan, India. Keep watching this space! —————————————————- #Rajasthan #desi_diaries #incredibleindia #ajmer #ajmersharif #ajmerdiaries #dargahajmersharif #travel #roadtrip #familyroadtrip #selfdriving #familytravel #indiatravelblogger #travelgram #indiagram #journeys #instatravel #instajourney #traveldiaries #traveler #traveladdict #roadjourneys #roadtravel #nationalhighway #NH8 #faith #india #inspirioindia

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The route we took for travelling through Mewar region of Rajasthan : Delhi – Ajmer  – Udaipur – Ranakpur – Kambhalgarh – Mount Abu – Nathdwara – Chittorgarh – Roopangarh – Delhi

Total Distance : 1833 Kms in theory  (i.e Google Maps) but our Car clocked 2100 Kms.

Delhi to Ajmer: We started off pretty early in the morning (at 5:30 am), as the distance from Delhi to Ajmer is around 400 kilometers with travel time of approx 6 hours.  We encountered heavy fog almost all along the way from Gurgaon till Behror on NH 8 (which slowed us down quite considerably) and it wasn’t until afternoon, that we got clear visibility. The route goes via NH 8, NH 48/79 (on google maps it showed NH 48 but the boards show NH 79).  We reached Ajmer at late afternoon, freshened up and took a nap. The Ajmer Sharif Dargah opens in the evening at 4 pm and we visited it as soon as it opened; the crowds were very low and as we left, people were crowding in. Therefore, pro tip for Ajmer Shairf Dargah is – Visit it closer to evening opening hours or early morning (we have done that too on our previous visits).

Ajmer to Udaipur : This was a journey of 265 kilometers with a travel time or 4-5 hours. We started off around 8 am (since our toddler had vomited a lot the previous day and needed some rest before next road travel). The route passes through NH 58 and it’s a good road to drive for major portion, with few bad stretches. We reached Udaipur late noon and after freshening up, went to visit Lake Pichola and City Palace. My first impression of Lake Pichola was of disappointment and the most enjoyable time we had there was at the nearby food outlet, where a lovely lady manning the stall made tasty maggi for us and toddler. The City Palace is impressive and has stunning views; since we were there in evening, we also saw the Light & Sound show, which was interesting (though a very skewed narration of History by the House of Mewar). We stayed in Udaipur for 2 days and visited City Palace (in day time, Sajjangarh Fort, Maha Rana Pratap Smarak and Fateh Sagar Lake). Our experience of Udaipur was a mixed bag and we felt that the city was nice in parts but disappointing as a whole.

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Amazing views of Udaipur city from Sajjangarh Fort (the erstwhile monsoon palace of Mewar Dynasty) | Today was Day #3 of our 8 Day Self Driving Family Road trip through Rajasthan. Our kid got cranky sight seeing all the heritage monuments and had to be pacified with chocolate and toys. I guess history is not her thing!! —————————————————- #travelgram #journey #instajourney #instatravel #udaipur #rajasthandiaries #Rajasthan #familytravel #sajjangarhfort #sajjangarh #incredibleindia #desi_diaries #duster #renaultduster #selfdriving #roadtravel #familyroadtrip #travellingwithkids #instajourney #passionpassport #wanderlust #heritage #mewar #history #palace #hills #igers #inspirioindia #seetheworld #royalrajasthan

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Ranakpur: While I was planning for the trip, I had happened to see fellow travel blogger Svetlana’s posts on Ranakpur and how she loved it more than Udaipur. I asked her about it ans she graciously shared all information. The husband was not so open to the idea initially, but after spending a largely disappointing day sightseeing  in Udaipur, he also warmed up to the idea. So off we went to Ranakpur from Udaipur. The drive to Ranakpur was one of the loveliest, going through state highway 32, with villages, farmlands and interesting people. The Jain temple at Ranakpur was beautiful and more than that the whole ambiance was serene. It was quite a change from the rather congested city of Udaipur. We spent around an hour here in the morning before heading to Kumbhalgarh Fort.

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Morning at Ranakpur Jain Temple on Day #4 of our 8 Day self driving family road trip and we had a pretty long day!! We started at 6:30 am from Udaipur and drive to Ranakpur & then to Kumbhalgarh Fort and finally headed to Mount Abu. See our #InstaStory for moments of our travel. —————————————————- #mewar #heritage #wanderlust #passionpassport #instajourney #travel #ranakpur #jaintemple #jainism #travelgram #incredibleindia #India #sunrise #sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld #familytravel #roadtrip #rajasthan #rajasthandiaries #igersrajasthan #traveler #journey #instajourney #storiesofindia #inspirioindia #desi_diaries #drivingholiday #lovetotravel #journeys

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Kumbhalgarh Fort : The Kumbhalgarh Fort’s claim to fame is it’s fort wall, which is supposed to be the second biggest/longest wall after the ‘Great Wall of China’. The Fort palace itself is not impressive, but the location makes all the difference. The distance from Ranakpur to Kumbhalgarh is around 33 kilometers but it takes more than 1. 6 hours shown on google maps as the road is in bad shape. The beauty of Kumbhalgarh Fort is its strategic location and indeed the rampart walls of the fort are beauty to see. However, it’s quite a steep climb to the fort palace from the entrance and not everybody’s cup of tea.

Kumbhalgarh to Mount Abu : We drove from Kumbhalgarh to Mount Abu, where we had planned to stay for 2 days.  It takes around 3-4 hours to drive to Mount Abu from Kumbhalgarh and the drive is easy for most part, up until the hill roads section drive starts. The hill road section is quite steep and full of turns, so there is good chance to get nausea (which our toddler did get and vomited).

Mount Abu was one of my childhood travel wishlist destinations and I was pretty excited to finally visit this ‘only hill station’ in the desert state of Rajasthan. However, barring the stunning Dilwara Temples and our lovely homestay, the experience was pretty disappointing (and I shall elaborate later in separate posts).

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Street food at Nathdwara, in the lane going towards Shree Nath Ji Temple. The outlet claimed that the 'bhog' served to Shree Nath Ji is also sold here ~ Jai Shree Krishna 🙏🙏🙏 . . . Today is Day #6 of our family road trip through Rajasthan and we visited Nathdwara which is famous for Shree Nathji Temple – where deity of Shrinathji, a 14th-century, 7-year-old "infant" incarnation of Krishna is worshipped. —————————————————- #roadtravel #drivingholiday #roadtrip #shreenathji #shreenathjinathdwara #shrinathjitemple_nathdwara_rajasthan #nathdwara #rajasthan #rajasthandiaries #rajasthantravel #rajasthan #incredibleindia #desi_diaries #travelandfood #travelfoodfinds #desi_diaries #storiesofindia #travel #travelgram #journeys #instatravel #instajourney #india #wanderlust #faith #vaishnavism #hinduism #travellife #streetfood #foodphotography

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Mount Abu to Nathdwara : While we were driving to Udaipur from Ajmer, we had spotted Nathdwara direction signs on the highway. A quick google search, while in Udaipur &  Mount Abu, sort of made us wish we could visit this holy place. Since the temple at Nathdwara opens for darshan (shree nath ji darshan) only at specific times, the husband said that let us start with a prayer that we are able to reach  nearby Nathdwara near to the darshan time  of 11:15 am and then only  we will take a quick detour. In my heart, I really wished we could visit Nathdwara temple. With Shree Nath ji grace, we were able to reach Nathdwara around 11 am and then it was mad dash! To park our car, run (with toddler on husband shoulder) through the narrow streets, deposit our phones and other belongings) and stand in mad rush queue for darshan. I cannot tell you what an adrenalin rush it was for us! But we came out with our hearts and minds full of faith & felt the divine grace of Shree Nath ji.

Nathdwara to Chittorgarh : We drove to Chittorgarh after darshan in Nathdwara, we reached late noon and after all that excitement of temple visit, promptly fell asleep. The next morning, we made an early visit to Chittorgarh fort and that turned out to be a good decision as crowds were completely nil (oru guide told us that post 11 am, it’s hard to stand at one place due to crowds).

My main attraction to visit Chittorgarh Fort was ‘Vijay Stambh’ which was again a childhood travel wish list. The stunning tower certainly lived upto my expectations. We visited other attractions inside the fort and drove around the periphery, with our guide telling us some enthralling (and some ridiculous) historic tales.

Chittorgarh to Roopangarh: Initially, we had planned to make pit stop at Jaipur while going back from Chittorgarh to Delhi. However, when we learned that there was Jaipur Literary Festival going on at the same time, we skipped the city and decided to stay at a lesser crowded destination near to Jaipur called Roopangarh Fort hotel. The best part about this fort hotel was that it was off the way and there was nothing to do. We were the only guests for the day and our toddler loved the space and the open area. We also quite liked the relaxed time we got after all the ‘sight seeing’ and it was a nice end to our trip before heading back to Delhi.

The trip taught us many things as a family, our similar interests and behaviors while confronted with disappointing experiences, our next possible road trips destinations and most importantly, we loved annoying each other while on the road.

If you liked this post, then keep a lookout for detailed posts on this road trip as I go down to sharing all the tit bits of our incredible journey in royal region of Mewar in Rajasthan.

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  1. Glad we came across this post today because were just about planning our bike road trip through Rajasthan in Dec-Jan. Thanks a bunch! And don’t be too sure about your toddler not having travel preferences! With road tripping parents like you guys, the day is not far when she starts deciding 🙂


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