Pushkar town needs no introduction, world famous for its Camel Fair,  it is an equally fun destination at other times of the year. What can you expect when in Pushkar, well this post title says it all – Shop, Eat & Pray.  I went to Pushkar for the second time last weekend and had a nice time shopping, eating and just being spiritually relaxed. Here are some images from the trip: Brahma Sarovar – the centre point of the town and the reason of its being.

I always love the ghats, though I don’t offer prayers like the other devotees, I like feeding the pigeons there!!

The views at the Brahma Sarovar are always wonderful any time of the day!!

Walking through town throw up some interesting sights always!!

Shopping options are many, silver jewellery , garments, ceramics…wat not!!! One can spend time strolling the lanes and checking out the wonderful and sometimes wacky displays!! 

We landed up on the last day of Ganesh Chatruthi and were caught in the revelry of the moment…it was such a spiritually uplifting experience for us!!

Coming to the eating part, cautious non-vegetarians!! Pushkar is a totally vegetarian town!! But having said that, there are some amazing cafes & restaurants serving delicious food and one has the pick of from the world – Italian, German, Jewish …the list is long and one can pick a favorite world cuisine!!

It was a delight watching veg falafel rolls being made in front of us and then tucking in 🙂

 A special mention  for Hard Rock Restaurant – nice ambiance, views and the most yummilicious veg lasagna I have had in long time!!

Ending the post with this bowl of delicious Lasagna, I would recommend Pushkar to any one who wants Shop Eat  & Pray while on a break 🙂

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  1. You know a few years ago I got an oppurtunity to go to pushkar festival but something came up and i had to miss it while my friends went with it ..

    and I repent it as they also has such a good time and now these pictures are awesome tooo

  2. All vegetarian? Wow! that's news. 🙂

    Nice to see the other side of Pushkar. Almost always the talk is about the camel fair. But I do wish I could visit the fair some time.

    Good one, Sush.

  3. i am not a religious person per se but these places are the best ones for spiritual relaxation..love the photos..and the veg thing gets to me whenever i have visited these religious cities in india..


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