I am a total beach bum and have had my share of beach bumming. In my opinion, there are beaches and then there is the ‘Puri Beach. Puri , the coastal tourist city in eastern state of Orissa, India, boasts of  one of the longest (7 km) amazing beach with high waves playing & crashing. It is a spectacle worth to be seen and experienced.

Photocourtesy: Wikipedia & Shutter Stock

As a group of college students on a field trip to the city 5 years back, the first glimpse of Puri beach and the majestic waves brought a mesmerizing & exciting feel in all of us, so much so that we dumped our bags and rushed towards the waves to have dip. And what a bath it was, huge waves crashing onto us while we held each other tightly, almost to the point of hugging. The cool & salty waters folding us and leaving us refreshed.  The moment the first wave hit us, I felt Alive, I felt Awesome! And the waves came coming and coming and we kept diving in…..holding onto our selves, to the earth below but barely managing, washing up towards the shore and then again diving in, clinging to each other, trying to find support as a group and in the process having so much fun!! Here’s us having our awesome moments at Puri Beach

Such was the magic of the Puri Beach and its waves, that we bathed for 4 hours and did not realize it!! In fact, we thought that only minutes had passed by!

We stayed in Puri for a good 15 days and such was the charm of the Puri beach,  that we spent every morning and evening having a bath.

Now can any beach beat that!! I don’t think so!! (And I have been to many beaches thereafter!!) Puri Beach ~ It makes me feel Alive and Awesome.

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