Promenade Beach is one of the key attractions of Pondicherry (or Puducherry as it’s now called), India. It is around 1.5 km long and looks out to the Bay of Bengal. During our stay in Pondicherry, we had the good luck to stay at a property located adjacent to this beach and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time at the Promenade beach.

The Promenade beach is the focal point of Pondicherry town; it’s name comes from being the promenade of the French heritage part of the town. The beach attracts visitors & locals from morning till late night. While in the morning, it  sees mostly a stream of health lovers walking up & down the promenade, the rest of the day sees travelers and locals visiting it.  

We took many leisurely strolls along the promenade beach during our stay. some of the highlights of the Promenade beach for us was getting up early in the morning and watching the sunrise, having our breakfast at Le Cafe (heritage seafront cafe), riding the scooty leisurely along the promenade road & visiting the various heritage landmarks during the day and spending the evening sitting & enjoying the breeze. 

Located right opposite to the Promenade beach, on the sea front are the major heritage landmarks, most of them dating back from the french colonial days. Notable are the French War memorial, statue of Joan of Arc, Dupleix statue, Old light house, remains of the old pier, Old customs house and statue of Mahatma Gandhi .

If you happen to visit Pondicherry, you cannot miss Promenade beach and I would recommend enjoying this beach to the fullest.

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