We chose Piramali Haveli by Neemrana Hotels in Bagar, Shekhawati region, Rajasthan (India) for a 3 day/2 nights stay on our family driving holiday in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. While planning our family driving holiday in Shekhawati region, we found that there are only a handful of hotels offering all the services we require; plus with a 20 month old toddler, we were not taking any chances with the hygiene and cleanliness of the establishment. Having stayed at 4 properties of Neemrana Hotels previously, we had some amount of faith in the services offered and decided to base the first 3 days of our stay in shekhawati region at Piramal Haveli, Bagar. 
Piramal Haveli turned out to be a hidden gem (in Neemrana Hotels kitty) and we had a wonderful family time here.

The Piramal Haveli is around 100+ years old and only half portion of it has been leased to Neemrana Hotels. We started from Delhi around 8 am and it takes around 6 hours to reach Bagar, following google map. Bagar town is one of the smaller, lesser known towns of Rajasthan, bordering on Haryana.  As with other properties of Neemrana, there were no sign boards, until 1 km from the Piramal Haveli and had it not been for google map, we would have spent another hour or so looking for the property.  I would sincerely request Neemrana Hotels to put up more signboards for those properties located in remote towns (read our bad experience on trying to locate Neemrana property in Rishikesh here!!) 
The property itself has been maintained really well (atleast the portion leased to the hotel) and has quite an impressive entrance gate. The manager at this property is a friendly chap and is hands on with taking care of the welfare of guests.  One of the best things here is the food; in our (me and the husband) opinion, out of all the Neemrana properties we have stayed at, Piramal Haveli serves the best food. We especially loved some of the Marwari dishes served and the staff happily served all our toddler’s dietary needs.

The property has pretty tiles and frescos, which we found elegant and understated (compared to the opulent ones in the havelis we saw in neighboring Shekhawati towns of Nawalgarh and Jhunjhunu). Our toddler loved running around in the inner courtyard and playing hide and seek.

Though Piramal Haveli in Bagar town is located at a distance from the main towns of Shekhawati famous for the havelis & frescos, we chose this property as our base for trip, for the heritage luxury services Neemrana is famous for and we were not disapointed. Also, it is easy to take day trips to the towns of Mandawa, Nawalgarh and Churu from Bagar. On our second day in Bagar, we took a day trip to Jhunjhunu and visited the Rani Sati Temple and saw some old Havelis in the town. 
We loved lazing around in the winter sun on the terrace of Piramal Haveli where the staff laid our dhurries and chairs for us. There is a farm at the backside of the Haveli and there are peacocks and other birds roaming around; makes for a great opportunity for photography.

Overall, we loved our stay at Piramal Haveli and might just come back here for a family getaway from Delhi on a long weekend. 

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