I love Lodhi Garden, as my regular reader know very well by now and I don’t need a reason to come here. I come here as much as I can and today I am telling you one more reason, YOU should visit Lodhi Garden – come to Lodhi Garden for a fabulous picnic. It is a favorite and most scenic picnic spots right in the heart of Delhi and whether you are planning a picnic with your friends or family, a picnic day here will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and happy!! And spring happens to be the best season to picnic in Lodhi Garden.

In the months of February & March , Lodhi Garden is in its full glory; flowers blooming at every corner and abundant sunshine all around.  One can be energetic & run/play around or be restive & read a book 🙂

Take your own food (and tea if you are a tea fanatic like me)  and enjoy a good meal under the sunshine sky. I can tell you there is nothing like having good food under the open sky with lovely views all around.

Enjoy to the fullest at Lodhi Garden, but please remember these few points if you go for picnic there:

  • Please carry your own Mats/Dhurries as the grass tends to be damp at times.
  • Please do not feed the birds/stray animals.
  • Please do not litter.

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  1. Beautiful flowers and a nice place to picnic, it's hard to imagine people are out having picnics somewhere in the world while sitting here in a deep freeze with this mornings temperature sitting at -30, but this gives me hope we too will be able to enjoy the outdoors in a few short months! Have a wonderful week!

  2. This does sound like a fabulous place for a picnic. I must admit that it was wonderful to see those beautiful blossoms. It's been a long time since we've seen any blossoms around here. I'm ready for Spring.


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